Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)

What is the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)?

The Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is responsible for carrying out the mandatory inspections and ensuring that the approved work is undertaken in accordance with the Development Consent, the plans and specifications approved under the Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate and all relevant building regulations.

Can I choose who the PCA will be?

The applicant may appoint either the Council or an Accredited Certifier as the Principal Certifying Authority. An Accredited Certifier, appointed as the PCA, has a similar role and responsibility as that of the Council.

When do I need to appoint a PCA?

The PCA must be appointed prior to any of the approved works commencing on site.

Where the Council is to be appointed as the PCA, it is preferable that the Council be appointed as the PCA on Council's Development Application form, when first lodging the application.

Where an Accredited Certifier is appointed as the PCA, at least two days prior to the works commencing Council must be advised in writing of the PCA's name, the relevant certificate application number issued by the PCA, and the date when the development works are proposed to commence.