Property Addressing FAQs

Campbelltown City Council is the authority responsible for issuing official property addresses (house numbers) within the Campbelltown Local Government Area.

All new addresses issued by Council are based on Australian Standard 4819: Rural and Urban Addressing and must meet the guidelines set out by the NSW Geographic Names Board.

Requesting addresses for new development

You can apply for a new address as a result of development.

All deposited plans and strata plans now require a schedule of addressing (as of 1 March, 2018) as per Surveyor General's Directions No 7.

Prior to commencing construction on any new developments, including granny flats:

  • Lodge an online property addressing enquiry to request correct addresses and we will come back to you within 3 business days
  • This is an important step, as utility/service companies will need your development's addresses for connections.

Request a review of an existing address

You may request that Council reviews your existing address due to issues with mail/deliveries, navigation, duplication of addresses or other issues:

  • Lodge an online property addressing enquiry and we will respond within 3 business days. Investigations, changing addresses in databases and negotiations may take longer.
  • Addresses will not be changed for personal reasons such as superstitions or unlucky numbers.

Utility/Service Provider (eg. NBN) saying I don’t have a valid address?

Utility/Service providers do not always have accurate property address information.

If a utility/service provider advises that your address is not in their system:

  • Lodge an online property addressing enquiry and we will respond within 3 business days
  • If your address is valid, Council will provide you with a confirmation letter that you can give to the utility/service provider as evidence of your correct address.

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