Revitalise Queen Street Precinct

Artist impression Queen Street public domain

It's happening. The Queen Street Precinct is already the heart of our city - we're just bringing the beat back.

Change takes time, but we're gathering momentum. Take a stroll around the Precinct and you'll see construction underway on the first new commercial building in the CBD in 25 years, vibrant pop-up parklets, a new community cultural space at Forum Q and shopfronts that have benefited from our Street Appeal grants.

And this is just the beginning of the evolution. There's also a pipeline of city-shaping projects happening that will transform our Precinct into a vibrant destination for community, health, medical research, justice and professional services.

But we can't do it alone. We need your passion. Your bold idea. Your expertise. Your conviction. Now's the time to get the Queen Street Precinct humming, as our evolution is just beginning. We want to set Queen Street, Broughton Street, Dumaresq Street, Hurley Street and everything in between abuzz with people, energy and ideas.

Let's get the city's engine room into gear and get it right together. Let's experiment, try new approaches, collaborate and think differently now. Queen Street Precinct - let's make it happen together.