Use of parks and playgrounds for events

Milton Park Playspace Entrance

While parks and playgrounds are available to all members of the community to use, it is not possible to book them for exclusive use by a particular group.

Campbelltown has many beautiful parks and reserves suitable for just a walk in the park, a jog with your dog or a leisurely lunch. These are provided for all members of the community to use, and it is not possible to book them for exclusive use by a particular group. Everyone is welcome to use the facilities on a first-come, first-served basis.

When is an Application for Use of a Public Park form required?

A use of Public Parks application form is required when the event includes the following activities:

  • An amusement device e.g jumping castle, entertainment (regardless of numbers) The service provider will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance for Public Liability with a minimum of $20 million coverage. 
  • The erection of any temporary structures (e.g. marquee)
  • When the event is a school picnic/event (regardless of the numbers)
  • All ceremonies (such as weddings, commitment ceremonies, christenings, naming ceremonies and memorials)
  • To engage in a trade or business (including the sale of food beverage)
  • To deliver public addresses, hold religious services or a public meeting

Not permitted in parks or playgrounds

  • Pegging of jumping castles or structures
  • The use of personal barbeques or any other cooking appliances
  • Petting zoo's
  • Water castles/slides 
  • Inflatable swimming pools 

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Events for over 100 attendees

When the event is for over 100 attendees, you'll need to submit an application to hold an outdoor event. For more information about this see Want to hold an outdoor event.

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