Building, Renovation and Other Approval Information

Find out about how to get a Building Certificate, when approval is required for a diving fence and the process to submit road opening permits and vehicle crossing driveway applications and more.

Find out if you have asbestos in your home, understand the risks, and know how to dispose of it.

Filming in Campbelltown
Seek approval to film on Campbelltown City Council owned properties.

Heritage items
Find out how Council assesses development proposals relating to heritage.

Road opening permits
Where excavation works are intended to be carried out on any Council owned asset, road, footpath or reserve.

Smoke alarms
Compulsory smoke alarm installation.

Swimming pools
Find information about installing a pool or spa, swimming pool safety, swimming pool fences, spa pools and pool water quality.

Vehicle crossing (driveway) applications
You need a permit to repair, widen or build a new crossover or parking pay.