Domestic Waste Management Explained

Find out about the Domestic Waste Management Charge on your Rates Notice. Learn why it has increased, what the charge covers and what financial assistance initiatives are available.


How much is the increase to the Domestic Waste Management Charge?

The Domestic Waste Management Charge for our standard three bin service (general waste, recycling and garden organics) has increased by 34%, which equates to $155.68 p.a. or $38.92 each quarter.

If you have a different service or additional bins, the amount of the increase will be different.

Why has there been an increase in waste disposal costs?

Waste management costs have increased alongside the cost of living.

However, there have also been consistent and ongoing increases to waste disposal charges over many years, largely due to limited and declining landfill capacity in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, as well as ongoing annual increases to the NSW Environment Protection Authority Waste Levy (a fee charged by the State Government on the disposal of waste to landfill). 

These pressures have resulted in ongoing increases in gate fees charged at tipping facilities.

Why is the increase happening now?

Prior to June this year, Campbelltown was involved in a regional processing and disposal contract. This long-term contract had been in place for 15 years and expired at the end of May 2024.

As of 1 June 2024, Council transitioned to a new processing and disposal contract following a comprehensive public tender process. The market rate for waste disposal has increased significantly over the course of the original contract, and our residents have had access to very competitive pricing compared to other areas during this time.

To ensure the best value for money for our residents, these services were jointly tendered with Camden, Wollondilly and Wingecarribee Councils to obtain the most competitive pricing possible for services under the new contract.

What does the Domestic Waste Management Charge pay for?

The Domestic Waste Management Charge covers the collection, processing and disposal of residents’ general waste, recycling and garden organics. It also covers the collection and disposal costs for the four kerbside clean up services provided to residents each year.

What help is available to me if I need it?

We have a range of financial assistance initiatives in place to support residents who need it. We encourage those who may be facing hardship to explore what’s available:

  • Pension Rebate – those who are eligible may be entitled to a rebate on their rates.
  • Hardship Relief Policy – those who are eligible may be entitled to assistance in making their repayments.
  • Payment Plan – organise a direct debit that allows the repayment of rates in smaller, more frequent amounts (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc.).


Does Council make a profit on this increase?

No. The Domestic Waste Management Service in accordance with the Local Government Act, does not make any profit, rather all costs in providing the service are offset by the charge to residents using the service.