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What is the Generation STEM Community Partnership Program?

In early 2019, we signed up to be one of the first LGA's in the Western Parkland City to join the CSIRO Generation STEM Program, a unique community partnership program which empowers our local high school students with the skills they need to succeed in the high-tech 21st century job market.

As part of the STEM program, industry leaders come together each year to identify some of the biggest STEM challenges facing the Campbelltown community. Local students from Years 9 and 10 are then invited to participate in STEM inquiry-based projects to develop solutions to address these challenges. The program connects teachers and students with STEM industry, showcasing the relevance of STEM in everyday life and increasing student engagement.

The aim of this unique partnership program is to foster STEM industry career aspirations for school students, encouraging further study in these fields and helping to prepare this generation for the critical skills needed for the jobs of the future.

We continue to support the STEM program in Campbelltown, which has gone from strength to strength - with teachers, students and industry all working together to build a bigger, stronger and more diverse STEM pipeline for Campbelltown.

Benefits to local industry

CSIRO is looking for STEM professionals and organisations who are interested in participating in the Generation STEM program. 

Joining the program is highly beneficial for STEM professionals and employers. It is intended that participating in the program will result in:

  • A larger talent pool of highly skilled, 'work-ready' STEM candidates for your business and other local employers
  • An opportunity to build a potential pipeline of new, local talent for your organisation
  • An opportunity to partner your staff with education providers to promote the importance of STEM skills and showcase the work of your organisation
  • An increase in your organisation's brand awareness within the local community

How industry and STEM professionals can get involved

There are a number of different ways that you can be a part of the Generation STEM program. Best of all, there's no cost.


As an industry mentor, you will provide support to teachers throughout the inquiry projects and bring a real-world perspective into the classroom. Mentor time is flexible and negotiated between teachers and STEM professionals.

Industry visits

Just one encounter with a STEM professional at work can spark a lifetime passion for STEM. Help us take students out of the classroom and into the workplace to witness the real-world applications of STEM by hosting a tour of your business.

A visit to your workplace will demonstrate the different STEM careers available to students in their community. Allow 45 minutes per visit plus planning time with CSIRO project officers, who will assist with the logistical planning of the visit.


Deliver a masterclass on a topic that showcases your business and industry's work and innovation, whilst engaging students in the real-world application of STEM. We'll work with you to develop the content of the masterclass to make sure it is fun and engaging.

Work experience

Provide the opportunity for a student to experience what working in your business or industry is like. This is a flexible arrangement to suit your workplace.

If you're interested in participating in the Generation STEM program, or would like to find out more, contact the CSIRO Generation STEM team

Contact the Generation STEM team

What local schools have previously participated

Local high schools that have participated in the Generation STEM program include:

  • Ambarvale High School
  • Broughton Anglican College
  • Hurlstone Agricultural High School
  • Ingleburn High School
  • James Meehan High School
  • Macquarie Fields High School
  • Mount Carmel Catholic High School
  • Sarah Redfern High School
  • St Gregory's College
  • Thomas Reddall High School

Through participation in the STEM program, students benefit from:

  • Exposure to real-world applications of STEM
  • Development of problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills
  • Heightened awareness of local STEM career pathways

The program also has a wide variety of benefits for teachers. A professional learning day provides teachers with the skills and confidence needed to support students in open-inquiry based projects. Teachers are also provided with resources to support lesson planning and the delivery of the Australian curriculum. Teachers will be also able to build meaningful connections with local STEM industry professionals through mentorships and industry engagement activities.

Schools interested in participating in the Generation STEM program are encouraged to reach out to CSIRO:

Contact the Generation STEM team

Generation STEM Links program for Industry

Campbelltown is a region that has been identified as having a growing community with growing STEM industries.

However, research has shown the key barrier to employers taking up student work placements is a lack of time and resources. There is also a drain of STEM qualified talent, with 46% of STEM graduates moving into non-STEM jobs and 16% of STEM graduates leaving for overseas opportunities. The Generation STEM Links program has been developed to try and address this barrier.

The Links program provides high-quality internships, for students in their final year of studying their STEM degrees or qualifications, to help the transition into STEM careers after graduation.

Overview of the Links program

Industry partner grant

$2,500 per student payable after completion

Industry partner eligibility

NSW STEM business with >5 employees

Internship length

Minimum 200 hours (5 - 6 weeks full-time to a maximum of 25 weeks part-time)

Student eligibility

NSW university or TAFE/VET STEM students in their penultimate to final year

Student wage

$25/h to be paid by the industry partner

The Generation STEM Links team can provide industry with assistance with framing ideas into projects and will aid the application process.

Support provided:

  • On-the-ground support for onboarding, induction, and regular check ins throughout the placement.
  • Assistance with the application process and framing ideas into projects for industry partners.
  • Management of the recruitment process from end-to-end.
  • Promotion to local NSW STEM students and tertiary institutes.

To find out more or to get involved, contact the Generation STEM Links Team:

Email the STEM Links Team