Koalatown our locals are wild

Koalatown aims to raise awareness and empower the community to actively support the conservation of koalas at their homes and in their neighbourhoods.

Koalatown connects with local schools, businesses, residents, expert scientists, land managers and wildlife carers and targets key issues relating to koala health such as habitat conservation, disease prevention, vehicle strikes and dog attacks(PDF, 2MB).

Tackling these issues and protecting our koalas is a big job and we cannot do it alone!

Become a supporter

  • As a Koalatown supporter you’ll be kept up to date with the Koalatown campaign as projects and programs are rolled out and you’ll be notified directly when there are exciting opportunities to get your hands dirty.
  • You’ll also provide us with information that will help us understand more about the issues and the key areas where we can help in assisting our community to protect our koalas.