Development Contributions Plans

Development Contribution Plans are prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

The Plans authorise Council or an accredited certifier to impose conditions on development consents or complying development certificates requiring Section 7.11 (previously Sec 94) or Section 7.12 (previously Sec 94A) from development.

Contributions apply to all development applications, except for development exempt under the applicable Plan. Contributions help fund public infrastructure that is required as a direct or indirect result of development.

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How are development contributions plans calculated?

Contributions for development are based on the development type as to whether Section 7.11 or Section 7.12 applies. Section 7.11 is calculated on lots/dwellings, Section 7.12 is calculated on the cost of development work, and for some commercial developments, the number of car parking spaces.

How will development contributions be spent?

Each Development Contributions Plan identifies public services and amenities where development contributions will be spent to meet the demands generated by development. Contributions are used to fund infrastructure projects that benefit the public, like roads, bridges, footpaths, community centres, parks and sportsgrounds.

When is payment of development contributions required?

Payment of development contributions for development applications is generally required prior to the release of the Construction Certificate for the development, however timing of payment will be stated on your consent. Complying Development Certificate contributions are required prior to works commencing.

Development contribution rates

Development contribution plans adopted by Council