Our City

We are Campbelltown, where opportunity comes to life.

Our story

We are a city at the heart of things. A place that's naturally welcoming, where paths and people of the world come together to write their own stories.

This Dharawal land has always been a place united by strong ties of kinship and compassion, caring for one another and for the landscape we're deeply connected to.

Our people, culture, nature and the way we do business inspires all those who engage with us - and surprises those who discover us afresh.

We are already a place for opportunity. Supported by our natural landscape, connected location, inventive spirit and vibrant community we will strengthen that role.

We are a wide open, straight up and onto it community that looks to new possibilities with positive determination. We are about actions over words and real progress over promises. We're doing what it takes to make the most of opportunities that lie ahead and we're doing it now.

We are Campbelltown, where opportunity comes to life.

Our identity

Our logo captures the positive energy of Campbelltown. It is bold, active, vibrant, warm and proud. It reflects the diverse people and paths that come together to make things happen.

Our purpose

To inspire a sense of possibility.

Our personality

Wide open
We’re naturally welcoming, inclusive and kind. We look for ways to work together and support each other, treating people and planet with consideration and care. We’re at our best when we’re working alongside others who share our good-natured humour and positivity.

Straight up
We’re a powerful mixture of straightforward and upbeat. We’re confident in our own decisions and comfortable going our own way (even if it breaks with the norm). People always know where they stand with us.

Onto it
We’re resourceful, determined and raring to go. We’re about actions not words. We’re doers not talkers. We make the most of every opportunity by rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. We don’t shy away from hard work or tough decisions.

City Identity and Branding Strategy

Our identity and brand launched in August 2019. Between February and July 2019, we worked with our community to develop a compelling and consistent brand for Campbelltown to help position the city as a destination of choice to live, work and do business. Learn more about the strategy on our City Identity and Branding FAQs page.


Located south west of Sydney, our city extends from Glenfield in the north, Menangle Park in the south, the Scenic Hills in the west and the Georges River in the east. Campbelltown covers an area of 312 square kilometres and includes large areas of bushland and waterways.


The original inhabitants of our land were the Dharawal Aboriginal people. Today we have one of the largest populations of people identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in NSW.

Campbelltown was founded in 1820 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie and named after his wife Elizabeth, whose maiden name was Campbell.

Learn more about the history of Campbelltown and its suburbs.


More than 170,943 people across 34 suburbs now call Campbelltown home.

Campbelltown’s population statistics show:

  • 25 per cent of residents are aged 0 to 17 years
  • 35 per cent are aged 25 to 49 years
  • 7.2 per cent are aged 70 or more (this figure will continue to increase as our community matures)
  • More than 26 per cent of the city’s population were born overseas
  • 31 per cent are overseas born and 30 per cent speak a language other than English at home
  • The most common languages spoken after English are Arabic, Bengali, Hindu and Filipino.


We have a wide range of cultural and educational facilities, including the Campbelltown Arts Centre, the University of Western Sydney Campbelltown campus, two TAFE colleges and a variety of private and government schools.

Business and investment

Our accessibility, transport links, connectivity to Sydney CBD and airport, and availability of land located in key employment precincts, combined with lower purchase/rental costs compared to Sydney and Parramatta CBDs for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, makes Campbelltown a major draw card for businesses looking to develop, build or relocate.