Pembroke Park

Kids have a range of play equipment and activities to enjoy

Covering seven hectares of bushland, Pembroke Park is popular with both families and nature lovers.

Get in touch with nature by taking a leisurely stroll or cycle along the pathway. You’ll feel a million miles away from the city as you go deeper into the park, over bubbling creeks, surrounded by thick, endangered woodland. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture some local birdlife!

After a long walk, put your feet up at a shaded table or seats spread throughout the park. You can even cook your family and friends a meal at a BBQ pit as you enjoy the beautiful bushland setting.

Multiple playgrounds cater to kids of all ages with climbing frames, jungle gyms, slides, see-saws, interactive games and swings to tackle. There is still ample open space to run around and play games.


A bus station is only a short walk down the road.


McBarron Creek, Minto 2566  View Map

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