Engaging Our Community

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We are committed to nurturing a strong, long-lasting relationship with the community that will shape the future of Campbelltown. This relationship is important as it creates opportunities for members of the community to share ideas that will help guide the decision making of Council made on behalf of the community.

Engaging the community in a meaningful way sits at the heart of Council's operating model and we are driven by 5 key objectives when collaborating with our local stakeholders.

  1. To build trust and foster positive relationships between Campbelltown City Council and the community and other stakeholders.
  2. To enable community members to understand and, where appropriate, provide input to planning and decision making on Council’s projects, services and initiatives.
  3. To enable more efficient delivery of Council projects, services and initiatives based on a clearer understanding of community needs, interests and expectations.
  4. To provide a consistent framework for community engagement across Council.
  5. To enable engagement activities to be delivered as effectively as possible.

We are always looking for opportunities to engage with the community in innovative ways and Council is currently working towards implementation of a new Community Engagement Framework.

Current Opportunities to Have Your Say

Our community provides us with ideas and feedback all the time and Council uses this information to monitor its service delivery or to introduce new initiatives. You can provide feedback on upcoming plans, strategies, and initiatives through Council's dedicated Have Your Say webpage.

If you would like more information on Integrated Planning and Reporting you can contact Council's Corporate Planning Team, Miles Carter and Jacqueline Spencer on 02 4645 4000.

Previous Opportunities to Have Your Say

Significant engagement opportunities are conducted at different times to gather feedback from large sections of the community.

During late 2016 to early 2017, the community was involved in providing feedback and ideas for the new Community Strategic Plan, Campbelltown 2017-2027. This is the highest level document for Campbelltown that outlines the vision and objectives of the community. A large number of residents were involved and a Community Engagement Summary Report(PDF, 3MB) was developed to summarise the feedback provided by the community as well as how the engagement activities were undertaken.