Living with Dogs in a Koala Habitat

There are more then 33,000 registered dogs in the Campbelltown region, with many more unregistered.

Dogs are predatory animals, and their natural instincts primarily involve hunt and chase behaviours.

Important facts

  • Dog attacks are more likely to occur during the koala breeding season (August to February)
  • The majority of dog attacks on koalas take place inside backyards, and occur at night
  • If there is more than one dog in the yard, a koala attack is more likely to occur
  • 96 per cent of dog attacks on koalas are by dogs weighting more than 10kg
  • More than 80 per cent of koalas attacked by dogs don't survive injuries sustained in the attack
  • Koalas have very thin skin, making their internal organs vulnerable to attack. Koalas can sill die from internal injuries, even if their skin isn't punctured.

Keep our koalas safe

Koala Sightings

Repost all sighting of koalas to or download the I Spy Koala App on Android and Apple.

Koalas and Dogs

If you see a dog come into contact with a koala, call a wildlife rescue group immediately. Koalas can easily sustain life threatening injuries from dogs, so simply reporting a dog attack could save a koala.

Pet Management

Always keep dogs leashed in bushland areas and contain dogs during twilight hours, either by keeping them inside the house, on a verandah, or confined in a yard.

Conserve Koala Habitat

Keep native trees on your property. Koalas need to climb down to the ground to move between trees in their search for food, so the more trees around means the better chance koalas will have to avoid these threats.


Off leash dog parks

Campbelltown City has a number of dog leash free areas for the purpose of socialising and exercising dogs. Our facilities are open for seven days per week during daylight hours.

Always keep dogs leashed in bushland areas.