Leumeah Castle

Hosted by Local Studies Librarian, Andrew Allen, this video looks at the history of Ron Farmer's "Leumeah Castle", built in the 1970s.

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LEUMEAH CASTLE from Campbelltown City Council on Vimeo.

Leumeah's Medieval Castle Home, c1979

This famous castle in Dowling Street, Leumeah, was built by former owner Ron Farmer in the 1970s. Originally from Kent, England, Ron built the castle within 10 years as a tribute to his families homeland.

Ron painstakingly moulded every stone into the desired shapes with a concrete mixer and included shield and lion details all throughout the little castle to create a one of a kind masterpiece based on those in his home country of England. The three bedroom, two bathroom house comes complete with its own moat, medieval furnishings, turrets, gargoyle statues and stained glass feature windows.

The Farmers lived at the castle for more than 30 years, before selling the home to its new owners in 2014.