Arcadius 34804

Smart & Affectionate Young Man

Reference number: 34804
Gender: Male
DOB: 12/11/2020
Breed: American Staffordshire X
Background: Lost
Adoption fee: $100
Size: Large
Desexed: Yes
Rehoming priority: High - Available for purchase


  • Experience Owner Preferred
  • Open to Meet Kids (15yrs+)
  • Knows Basic Commands
  • Best As Only Dog
  • Affectionate Nature
  • Approx. 30kg

Arcadius is a lively & spirited young boy with a heart full of love and a zest for life! Despite a rocky start, he’s now on the lookout for a forever home where he can thrive and share his boundless enthusiasm with an amazing family.

About Me: Arcadius has had a fairly rocky start to life. Ending up in a shelter was definitely not what he had in mind. But he is now ready to find a new family who will give him the love & nurture that he deserves. He would be best suited to a family who has owned dogs in the past due to his size, strength and training needs. He’s young and eager to learn, which means there's so much potential for him & his new owner to grow together.

Ideal Home: Arcadius loves nothing more than green grass & a space to run & play. A medium to large yard with high secure fencing would be ideal. A home that allows him both access to indoors & out at his leisure sounds like perfection. When outdoors he will happily entertain himself (& it’s quite a spectacle to see) whilst indoors he’ll laze it up on the bed or couch.

Family: Arcadius is fun! Like super fun! He absolutely adores children and would be thrilled to have them around. While he is great with kids, a home with children around 10 years & up would be the most comfortable fit for him. Even better if you have a soccer ball to kick around – these are his favourite things in the world!

Furry Friends: Arcadius isn’t suited to be rehomed with dogs & has made it clear that he isn’t interested in making dog friends either. The reason for this is possibly due to his previous life & missing out on that key socialisation period. Not to worry though because Arcadius is more than enough to fill that dog sized hole in your heart!

Work Hard: Arcadius is quite engaging & he loves treats & toys. You can get him to focus on you by offering either. He’s a super smart dog. He knows how to sit & staff have been working with him to learn other commands BUT because he’s so clever he is smart enough to know how to get out of training & back in to play mode without you even realising. He’ll need an owner who won’t fall for his tricks (unlike us). Post-adoption training such as at home or with a professional will assist him in socialisation & commands.

We always recommend post-adoption training whether it be at home or with a professional. Training doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be a fun experience for you both, it doesn’t have to take long & is a great way for you to bond with your new pal.

Play Hard: Walks? Check! Toys? Check! Treats? Check! Soccer ball? Double check! If you hike, walk, run or just go to the park then Arcadius is your guy – he loves all kinds of activities!

When alone or during down time he’s enjoy a good food puzzle toy or a Kong or anything else to keep him stimulated & engaged.

My adoption fee has been reduced as I have been waiting for my forever home for over 60 days!

Post-Adoption Life: With all animals it’s important to understand that going into a new environment with new people may not be as flawless as we want it to be. It’s important to know that these animals have unknown histories. Most left in the shelter by their owners. The information we receive is from observing the animal’s behaviours & reactions to certain stimuli whilst in our care. Adopted animals can take up to 3 months to properly decompress from post-shelter life & a lot of behaviours & quirks will surface during this time. All that we ask is that their new owners have an open mind & are patient.

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