Smart & affectionate young man...

Reference number: 34804
Gender: Male
DOB: 12/11/2020
Breed: American Staffordshire X
Background: Lost
Adoption fee: $100
Size: Large
Desexed: Yes
Rehoming priority: High - Available for purchase


  • Experience owner preferred
  • Open to meet kids (8yrs+)
  • Suitable for full-time workers
  • Open to meet dogs (socialisation)
  • Affectionate nature
  • Approx. 30kg

Meet Arcadius, he's is more than just a dog; he's a loving future BFF ready to fill your home with love. If you're ready for tail wags, playful antics, and a lifetime of love, Arcadius is the perfect match for you!

About: Arcadius is the perfect mix of butter & velvet. He’s a charming and spirited dog who is eagerly awaiting his forever home. With his striking appearance and playful personality, he's sure to steal your heart. At his core, Arcadius is a lovable goof ball, ready to bring fun and laughter into your life.
Arcadius is seeking a loving home with experienced dog owners who understand the ins and outs of canine companionship.
His gentle and sensitive side adds a delightful touch to his otherwise agreeable, friendly, and engaging personality.
Ideal Home: Whether you have a bustling household or a calm and quiet environment, Arcadius is adaptable and ready to thrive in any setting.
Arcadius thrives in a house or a farm/acreage with a medium to large yard. Secure fencing is a must to ensure he can explore and play safely. He dreams of a home where he can have both indoor and outdoor access to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Family: Arcadius is open to meeting children aged 8 years and up. Due to his size he may accidentally knock over younger children while playing with his favourite toys. He can sometimes be a tad mouthy with toys due to his love of them. But it is important to note that he has met children younger than 8 whilst in our care he has been very respectful and gentle with them.
Arcadius is suitable for full-time workers, making him an ideal companion for those with busy schedules.
Furry Friends: We have a sneaking suspicion that his previous owners were not kind to Arcadius and allowed bad things to happen to him with regards to other dogs - however he has shown INCREDIBLE improvement regarding his dog social skills. In his recent dog assessment he showed a willingness to interact & displayed playful & social behaviour. As dog socialisation is new to him he tends to be a little inappropriate when playing BUT this is all apart of the learning process & we will continue to work with him. Arcadius has a habit of sitting on the other dogs head when he isn't sure of what to do when play time starts, we are certain that further desensitisation will help him.
Unfortunately, Arcadius has a strong prey drive, so he's not suitable for homes with cats or pocket pets.
Training & DevelopmentWhile Arcadius is a smart boy who knows how to ‘sit’, he could benefit from post-adoption training such as training at home to keep his basic obedience in check, and group classes so that he can continue his post-shelter socialisation around other dogs.
Arcadius is food-motivated and takes treats gently from your hand.
We always recommend post-adoption training whether it be at home or with a professional. Training doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be a fun experience for you both, it doesn’t have to take long & is a great way for you to bond with your new pal.
Play: If you're an active and outdoorsy family, Arcadius is the perfect match for you! He would love to be a part of your adventures, whether it's a hike in the mountains, a jog in the park, or simply playing fetch in the backyard. His energy levels are medium to high, making him an excellent fit for an active lifestyle.
This handsome pup loves his daily walks/exercise, requiring 20-30 minutes of exercise to keep him happy and healthy. His love for toys, especially soft ones, makes playtime a blast. This intelligent pup is eager to learn and will thrive with positive reinforcement.
He walks well but is so excited to be out & about that he can often pull you towards his goal – and he can be strong when he does this. So, the best tool to walk him on is a martingale and lead.
Post-Adoption Life: With all animals it’s important to understand that going into a new environment with new people may not be as seamless as we want it to be. It’s important to know that these animals have unknown histories - most are left in the shelter by their owners. The information we have is from observing the animal’s behaviours & reactions to certain stimuli whilst in our care. Adopted animals can take up to 3 months to properly decompress from post-shelter life & a lot of behaviours & quirks may surface during this time. All that we ask is that their new owners have an open mind & are patient.