Renew On Q celebrates its official launch

Published on 01 February 2024

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Doors are opening for creative enterprises in Campbelltown as part of the exciting Renew On Q program.

Renew On Q is celebrating two local businesses as they open their shop fronts to the community in an exciting new chapter for Queen Street, Campbelltown.

The community can explore two new activated spaces on Sunday 18 February from 9am to 2pm, during the Handmade and Homegrown markets. There will be opportunities to meet the makers, learn about upcoming workshops and access early bird bonuses.

Under the Renew On Q program, landlords allow up-and-coming creative traders to use their vacant shops, with a rolling 30-day rent-free licence negotiated by Renew Australia. This gives the start-ups time to test new ideas for a commercial market without committing to a lengthy commercial lease agreement.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer such a wonderful initiative to not only our local creatives and entrepreneurs, but to the whole community,” Mayor George Greiss said.

“This program will help activate vacant spaces on Queen Street and provide new options for people visiting our city centre to enjoy,” Dr Greiss said.

“Starting a business is never easy, and knowing when to take the leap and transition that business to a commercial setting can be a difficult decision. Partnering with Renew Australia, we’re able to offer an alternative approach for local people to take the next step with their business.” 

“This program wouldn’t be possible without the support from the local landowners who have made spaces available that might otherwise be inaccessible for some smaller enterprises.”

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Renew Australia CEO Angela Simons said: “We are so excited to be working with Campbelltown City Council to create opportunities for local makers, creators and start-ups, to trial ideas and grow their businesses with minimal overheads in the heart of Campbelltown.

“We welcome and encourage locals and visitors to visit Queen Street and rediscover the high street. As the Renew On Q program grows, we look forward to introducing further creative businesses and projects to the precinct and the wider Campbelltown community,” she said.

“Join us on Sunday 18 February, when Renew On Q launches to the community at the Handmade and Homegrown market. Drop in to meet the makers in their new shops and discover the handmade wares and creative workshops on offer.”


LJ Hooker Commercial, Macarthur, have been integral in this initiative, making several of their vacant Queen Street properties available to the program.

"The Renew On Q project is an excellent initiative for the Campbelltown CBD, and in particular Queen Street. It provides landlords with long-term vacancies, the opportunity to have a fresh clean space with activity,” Darren Zammit, Sales and Leasing Director, LJ Hooker Commercial, Macarthur said.

“This provides positive sentiment to surrounding businesses and tenants and further creates opportunity to potentially secure that tenant long-term or someone new who may want to start a business or relocate an established one in a newly vibrant location."

"This initiative has granted us the chance to establish a brick-and-mortar retail presence in the heart of Campbelltown CBD, enabling us to forge closer connections with the local community and initiate mutually beneficial partnerships with other local businesses. The experience has proven invaluable in fostering the growth of our business and enhancing our visibility." Jemima Webb, Evora Cove.

“We are so excited to be a part of Renew On Q, to inspire creativity through our upcoming workshops and concept store, join us for our still life drawing and styling workshop on 3 March and pop by our concept store for a one-of-a-kind artisanal piece and boutique experience in the heart of Campbelltown.” Ruth Fattal, Ruth Fattal Haute Couture x El Fattal Studio.


In addition to activations on Queen Street, Renew On Q has also welcomed local artist Noelle Moa of Ula&HerBrothers into the program, providing a striking window decal, which incorporates two original hand-carved prints, on the former Spotlight shopfront in Downtown Plaza.

Anyone who is a small business or creative looking to trial a retail space, rent-free can fill out an Expression of Interest form here.

Details on Council’s website. 

Renew On Q participant information:

Evora Cove

Evora Cove is a DIY Candle Bar owned by local couple Jarred Bolton and Jemima Webb. Their mission is to offer high-quality, affordable luxury with their candles, melts, diffusers, room sprays and body care products – all sustainable and vegan.=

Evora Cove will soon be launching bi-weekly candle creation workshops, catering to all skill levels.

Ruth Fattal Haute Couture x El Fattal Studio

Sister duo Ruth Fattal, a renowned bespoke fashion designer, and El Fattal, an artist, have come together to present a Creative Collective boutique where art and design intertwine to create a truly artisanal shopping experience in the heart of Campbelltown.

Their shop showcases a curated selection of exquisite bridal dresses, evening wear and accessories, by Ruth Fattal and Lydia Fattal, interwoven with original artworks and prints by El Fattal. The space also a working studio where customers can see the making process in action.

Artist information:

Noelle Moa/UlaAndHerBrothers

Noelle is the Sāmoan-New Zealand printmaker and artist behind Ula&HerBrothers. She has lived in the Campbelltown area for close to 20 years with her family. 

Art has always been in her life and carried her through to the University of Auckland where she graduated with a BA degree in Art History/ Anthropology and a BA(Hons) degree in Art History.

Working primarily as a printmaker, her entire body of work is informed by her identity as a Pasifika woman, as a Pacific Islander. Everything that she makes, that she creates, is handmade. The tangible nature of working with her hands, the slow deliberate process of carving and then hand-printing her works, is what fuels her passion for printmaking. 

Noelle is currently considering starting her own space as part of the Renew On Q project.

Additional information:

  • Renew On Q defines creative enterprises as ‘anyone who makes or creates their own wares or intellectual property’
  • Renew Australia has successfully tailored retail projects in Fitzroy Street, Cairns, Geelong, Wollongong and many other cities around Australia. Find out more:
  • Renew On Q project manager Sarah Wang on 0478 075 125 or via email