Proposed widening of Raby Road

  • Project typeFootpaths and cycle ways,Roads and car parks
  • Project schedulePlanned
  • Completion Date01 January 2025

Thunderbolt Drive to Gledswood Hills Drive

A concept design is being made for the upgrade of Raby Road between Emerald Hills Boulevard and Thunderbolt Drive.

The upgrades will include widening of approximately 2.5 kilometres of Raby Road to a four lane divided carriageway (two lanes in each direction, including a median strip). This will provide connectivity to the existing road and pedestrian walkways. The road will have an unchanged speed limit of 80km/h once completed.

The upgrades aim to improve traffic flow and safety of users along our roads, to ensure we are keeping up with the population growth in the area.

What will the upgrade designs include?

Roundabouts and traffic lights

  • Traffic lights at the intersection of Raby Road and Gledswood Hills Drive
  • Replacing the current roundabout at the intersection of Raby Road and Thunderbolt Drive to include traffic lights
  • Improvements to the intersection at Gledswood Hills Drive and Raby Road by constructing a new roundabout and realigning a small section of the road to improve safe property access on Gledswood Hills Drive.

Shared pathway pedestrians and cyclists

A shared 2.5 metre wide path for both pedestrians and cyclists along the northern side of Raby Road and the southern side of Raby Road from Emerald Hills Boulevard to Gledswood Hills Drive.

Dedicated right hand turning lanes

Dedicated right hand turning lanes on Raby Road for easy access to the Macarthur Grange Country Club, Gledswood Hills Drive and the future subdivision at 121 Raby Road.

Bridge replacement

Replacing of the bridge over the Water NSW canal south of Emerald Hills Boulevard and the construction of twin bridges to provide the additional lanes on Raby Road.

Landscaping and tree planting

Landscaping works on both sides of the road and in the new median strip, including extending the retaining wall along Raby Road.

Accesses and driveway changes

Some changes may occur to property driveways and accesses along the upgrade section of Raby Road. Driveways have been proposed to be realigned to connect to the upgrade of Raby Road or a side street.

What changes will occur to properties with access off Raby Road?

Macarthur Grange Country Club

  • Restricting right turning movements out of the Golf Club driveway and on to Raby Road to improve safety of all road users.
  • Subject to approval, a dedicated U-turn bay will be built just north of the club access to allow golf club patrons wanting to travel towards Thunderbolt Drive, the ability to do so.

Sydney Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • Access will be provided to the carpark via the new roundabout on Gledswood Hills Drive. The existing access onto Raby Road would then be permanently closed.
  • Access to the administration building would be maintained as left-in and left-out only access on to Raby Road.

No right turn access

No right turn access from the future 20-lot subdivision at 121 Raby Road, to ensure safety of all road users in this area.

Maronite Church

Proposed to have left-in and left-out only access on to Raby Road.

Private property accesses

Realignment of some driveways have been proposed, Council will liaise with the affected property owners directly.

What are the ongoing benefits of the upgrades to Raby Road?

  • Improved travel reliability
  • Easing of congestion on Raby Road and surrounding roads
  • Supporting the growth of the population in our Local Government Area
  • Improved safety of road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

This project is funded by the NSW Government. The design is being undertaken in collaboration with Camden Council and the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

Take a look at our Over To You page to find out more about the Upgrades to Raby Road.


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