Delivering Results

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Council publishes a range of regular performance reports to enable our community to monitor services and programs successfully delivered in line with the goals and objectives of our plans.

Council ensures its performance reports meet all statutory reporting requirements including the NSW local government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

Our Reports

Community Satisfaction Survey

In June 2018, Campbelltown local residents were asked to rate their satisfaction with our city services and infrastructure. The results of this survey provide a valuable insight into the perceptions of our most important stakeholders, our community, and provides Council with a benchmark to measure its performance. Council will ensure this feedback from the community is integrated into its strategic planning to inform decision making and ongoing quality service delivery.

About the Survey

Council engaged an independent external research company, IRIS Research, to conduct the community satisfaction survey in June 2018. The survey was conducted by phone (landline and mobile) with 600 randomly selected local residents of the Campbelltown LGA interviewed for approximately 15 minutes. The survey was also available online.

The sample group reflects the demographics of Campbelltown’s current population including age, gender, place of birth, time lived in Campbelltown and suburb of residence.

Six Month Report

Every six months Council monitors and reports on its progress against the strategies and principle activities outlined within the four year Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is the principle document designed for the community to measure how well Council has delivered its services over the previous year against the Operational Plan and whether those actions are helping to achieve the goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.

Four Year - End of Term Report

The End of Term Report is produced every four years at the end of each term of Council. The report reflects the progress of the Councillors and Council staff in achieving the community outcomes in the Community Strategic Plan and the objectives of the Delivery Program.

Four Year - State of the Environment Report

A special report called the "State of the Environment" is prepared every four years on the community's environmental objectives and environmental issues.

Archived Reports

Archived reports from the integrated planning and reporting framework remain available to the community.