Child Care Documents - Application Forms, Policies and Publications


Child Care Documents

Are you looking for a form relating to Child Care? All the forms you may need are listed below.


Change of Days Form(PDF, 111KB)

This form is used when a family wishes to change the days or hours of attendance for their child at any of Council's Child Care Centres. Please note that two week's notice must be given to reduced care hours/days.

Ceasing Care Form(PDF, 96KB)

This form is used when a family decides they are wanting to cease their child's care from any of Council's Child Care Centres, providing the centre with two week's notice.

Council's Code of Conduct(PDF, 1MB)

To provide Councillors, members of Staff, Delegates representing the Council and Contractors who provide services to the Council with a common understanding of the Organisation's expectations in regards to ethical conduct.

Child Protection Policy(PDF, 70KB)

Council is committed to being a child-safe organisation and to managing the risks associated with caring for children by implementing child-safe and child-friendly policies.


Direct Debit Form(PDF, 124KB)

All families wanting to enrol their children in to one of Council's Child Care Centres must fill out a Direct Debit Form before care is due to start.

Doctor's Clearance Form(PDF, 104KB)

Council's Education and Care Services must ensure that no child is suffering from a transmittable disease or condition that may risk the health of other children enrolled in the service.


Early Childhood Education Philosophy and Program(PDF, 136KB)

This Council program provides children with a high quality educational program. Our educational philosophy is influenced and based on the Education and Care Services National Regulations, The Early Years Learning Framework, My Time Our Place, the National Quality Standards and the Partnerships in Early Childhood Program.

Electronic Refund Form(PDF, 92KB)

This form is used if a families account is showing that it is in credit, by filling out the form with the correct details this money can be electronically refunded back into the individuals account.


Fine Skills Program Referral Form(PDF, 153KB)

Mobile Toy and Book Library run a Fine Motor Skills Program, by referral.


Mobile Toy and Book Library Membership Form(PDF, 190KB)

Application for Mobile Toy and Book Library Membership. Toys and games may only be borrowed on presentation of your Mobile Toy and Book Library membership card.

Mobile Toy and Book Library Timetable(PDF, 685KB)

Mobile Toy and Book Library program timetable includes our PALS Social Skills Program, Parent-Child Mother Goose Program, MTBL Story Time, Fine Motor Skills Program, Koshigaya Playsession and Wheely Good Fun Playgroup.


Parent Handbook(PDF, 10MB)

Providing information to families about what we do and what is required at our services.

(PDF, 92KB)

Parent communication/suggestion form(PDF, 92KB)

Parents and Carers have the ability to be able to make suggestions or recommendations on improvements to certain aspects of their child's play and involvement in creating ideas for the centre.

Parent authorisation for self-administering medication form(PDF, 301KB)

Parent authorisation for self-administering medication for school aged children in the short term. Medication can include antibiotics, lotions, Panadol, cough mixture, vapour chest rubs etc.


Request for Care Form(PDF, 1MB)

If you are requiring child care for your child this forms needs to be completed in full and emailed to


Special dietary needs form(PDF, 88KB)

If your child has special dietary requirements the attached form needs to be filled out and you will need to identify which products cannot be offered to your child at the service.

Social media and publicity permission form(PDF, 109KB)

Education and Care Services has launched it's own Facebook page. The purpose of this page is to communicate more effectively with our families and the wider community. We would like to consider if you are comfortable with photos of yourself or child/ren or their work being put on our Facebook page.


Un-prescribed Cream Form(PDF, 283KB)

This form is for un-prescribed creams or lotions to be used on your child while at the centre as directed by the parent/carer.