Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan 2015 (CLEP 2015)

The Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan 2015 (CLEP 2015) commenced on 11 March 2016. The ‘deferred commencement’ allowed Council time to finalise amendments to the Sustainable City Development Control Plan 2015 (SCDCP 2015) so to ensure the SCDCP and the Local Environmental Plan and are consistent.

The CLEP 2015 can be accessed via the following links:

Some areas of Campbelltown are, however, not covered by CLEP 2015 due to certain planning circumstances. Those areas noted to be either ‘deferred matters’, where the existing planning controls apply or areas which are subject to planning controls contained in specific State Environmental Planning Polices that address some of the new urban release areas.

The following maps show these areas and the planning instruments that apply: