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Campbelltown (Sustainable City) Development Control Plan 2015

Campbelltown (Sustainable City) Development Control Plan 2015 (SCDCP 2015) - Effective 11 March 2016.

The SCDCP 2015 has been subject to two amendments as follows:

  • Amendment No 1 - came into effect on 27 July 2016
  • Amendment No 2 - came into effect on 8 November 2016
  • Amendment No 3 - came into effect on 8 September 2017 (Part 7 Mt Gilead DCP)
  • Amendment No 4 - came into effect on 17 November 2017
  • Amendment No 5 - came into effect on 25 April 2018

The SCDCP 2015 applies to the whole of Campbelltown Local Government Area.

Volume 1 Development Controls for All Types of Development

 Volume 1 SCDCP 2015 Amendment No 5(41MB, PDF)

Volume 2 Site Specific Development Control Plans

Part 1 - Minto Renewal DCP - Volume 2(14MB, PDF)

Part 2 - Glenfield Site DCP - Volume 2(3MB, PDF)

Part 3 - Campbelltown Link Site DCP - Volume 2(4MB, PDF)

Part 4 - Site Specific Development Controls for Certain Heritage Items - Volume 2(2MB, PDF)

Part 5 - University of Western Sydney DCP - Volume 2(39MB, PDF)  (Note: this DCP no longer applies to the residential areas within the UWS Precinct)

Part 6 - Edmondson Park Smart Growth DCP - Volume 2(4MB, PDF)

Part 7 - Mount Gilead DCP - Volume 2(3MB, PDF)

Part 8 - Menangle Park DCP - Volume 2(2MB, PDF)

Part 9 - Urban Renewal Areas Airds Claymore DCP - Volume 2(8MB, PDF)

Part 10 - Blairmount and Badgally Road DCP - Volume 2(1MB, PDF)

Appendix 1 - Menangle Park Streetscape Master Plan(21MB, PDF)

Volume 3 Deferred Areas DCP

 Volume 3 - Front Cover(844KB, PDF)

Table of Contents - Volume 3(87KB, PDF)

Part 1 - Preliminary - Volume 3(586KB, PDF)

Part 2 - Residential and Ancillary Development - Volume 3(5MB, PDF)

Part 3 - Residential Development on Non Urban Land - Volume 3(2MB, PDF)

Part 4 - Residential Flat Buildings and Mixed Use Development - Volume 3(2MB, PDF)

Part 5 - Commercial Development - Volume 3(1MB, PDF)

Part 6 - Industrial Development - Volume 3(3MB, PDF)

Related maps

 Koala Habitat Planning Map(4MB, PDF)

Zones of Aboriginal Archaeological Sensitivity Map(921KB, PDF)

Revised Masterplan for Glenfield Road Urban Release Area(1MB, PDF)

Related documents

Engineering Design for Development

  1. Engineering Design for Development(3MB, PDF)
  2. Engineering Design for Development App K Notes(2MB, PDF)
  3. Engineering Design for Development App K Road 1-9(2MB, PDF)
  4. Engineering Design for Development App K Road 10-24(3MB, PDF)
  5. Engineering Design for Development App K Stormwater(3MB, PDF)
  6. Engineering Design for Development App K Standard Drawings(2MB, PDF)








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