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The Service NSW Business Connect program, funded by the NSW Government, provides business advisory services to business owners and those who are thinking about starting a new business. Business Connect aims to provide support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to startup, create jobs through growth, and help them become sustainable.

All Business Connect advisors are accredited, possess formal qualifications in a business-related discipline, and have experience in running their own successful business. The advisors are versed in management consulting and have prior advisory experience to deliver expert advice to each business.

With a broad range of skills, business advisors cover a range of essential business topics including business planning, marketing and how to grow your digital presence.

Business owners can choose a specific independent Business Connect advisor to match their needs, and can organise for the meeting to take place at their business premises, or another convenient location.

Business Connect have also launched a new free online toolkit to help businesses. The toolkit includes more than 35 webinars on a range of business-related subjects, as well as fact sheets and training videos.

Business Connect is a free program. Businesses are individually allocated 8 hours of free one-on-one sessions every financial year. 

Meet our local advisors

Alexandra Hawkins

Alexandra has over 20 years of extensive experience in the retail industry, having held high profile positions in retail sales, procurement, trade marketing, sales representation and account management.

While working full time in the retail industry, gaining knowledge and achieving personal career goals, Alexandra established and operates her own small business, Wick'd Candles, offering product ranges online and in stores. Alexandra has a passion for assisting local business to achieve their personal and business goals through motivation, inspiration and providing high quality advice based on her own experience and knowledge.

As well as her retail and small business experience, Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Business.

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Anas Khawam أنس الخوام

Anas is a multicultural specialist mainly supporting people who speak Arabic. He has recently moved to the Campbelltown area and is looking forward to supporting local businesses. 

Anas has more than 19 years of hands-on business experience, working in Sydney, Egypt and Syria, and can help people start, run, adapt or grown their small business. 

Anas' industry experience and areas of specialistion include information technology, business development, accounting, business administration and education and training. 

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Business Advice Sessions

Undertaking a Business Advice Session can provide useful insights to help you prioritise the next steps in growing your local business. The Business Advice Sessions are designed to identify opportunities and potential pitfalls customers need to be aware of to help their business thrive.

Working with your Business Connect advisor, you can complete a 45- minute Business Advice Session to provide useful insights to support you prioritise the next steps for your business. In the session you may undergo an assessment of the business' financial performance, risks, and structures. They are designed to identify opportunities and potential challenges to be aware of to help your business thrive. 

Upcoming Business Advice Sessions

Visual Merchandising Assessment

The Visual Merchandising Assessment(PDF, 172KB) is designed to identify actions that can be taken in store to attract, engage and motivate customer purchase.

During a visit to your store, the advisor will assess your store based on the 4 key areas and 5 key elements of Visual Merchandising and make recommendation.

Working with Alex Hawkins, Your Business Connect advisor, you can complete the 1 – 2 hr Visual Merchandising Assessment (free of charge, as part of the 8 hours advisory sessions allocated each financial year from Business Connect) to provide useful insights to support you prioritise the next steps for your business.

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