Food safety training and resources

Food Safety - Are you ALERT? Food Safety is your Business Training

Running a food business often means long, busy hours, with many things to keep track of and manage. Sometimes food safety can be low on the priority list.

Free food safety training

To help you, Campbelltown City Council provides food shop operators with FREE access to the Environmental Health Australia (EHA) I'm ALERT Food Safety training program.

The I'm ALERT training program provides a basic understanding of safe food handling. It contains interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of general food safety and you are issued with a certificate on completion to keep as part of your food business safety records.

I'm ALERT Food Safety Program

Food safety supervisor training

Under the Food Act 2003 (NSW), food safety supervisors are required to complete training and obtain a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate issued by a registered training organisation (RTO) for the relevant food sector where you work.

The certificate is valid for a period of five years. It's a legal requirement that all businesses keep a copy of the Food Safety Supervisor Certificate on your premises and produce it for inspection when requested by an authorised officer.

Please see the NSW Food Authority Food Safety Supervisors (FSS) webpage for more information.

Importance of food safety

Most major food-borne illness outbreaks are caused by one of the following:

  • Poor personal hygiene of food handlers
  • Incorrect temperature control of food
  • Inadequate cleaning and sanitising of surfaces and equipment.

All employees in a food business are required to have skills and knowledge commensurate with your duties. This is important to meet legal requirements and to ensure the food being prepared is safe.

Environmental Health Officer can visit a food premises at any time. If serious food safety breaches are found, the business can be closed down immediately. Find out more about Food Safety.

Resources for food businesses

It's recommended that these posters, fact sheets and guidelines be used to further knowledge of food safety amongst staff members and be applied within the day to day operations of your food business.

Food Safety Posters

Fact Sheets

Food Safety Guidelines

Visit the NSW Food Authority Retail website for the latest news and information about food businesses, legislation and how to keep and handle food safely.


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