Forum Q

Located at Lithgow Street, Campbelltown

Forum Q is a new and dynamic installation on Lithgow Street that features a dance floor, reflective surfaces, seating and a stunning art mural as its centrepiece.

Forum Q

'Forum Q' is a creative space on Lithgow Street for people to gather, train, and create. The space functions based on your interaction.

You can use the casted, soft floor to break (dance not your bones) or train in other acrobatic forms. Mirrors are there to help you learn choreography or take selfies... or to check if you have tabouli in your teeth. Bean bags are provided to do some light reading about why public creative spaces are important. Maybe use the space to enjoy your regular, sugar free latte with caramel drizzle and extra froth at 120 degrees while you watch some local talent jamming (another word for practising, not the 'jam' the fruit preserves). You can use the space to take creative photos and videos for your social media profile to level up your content creation skills... make sure you tag us all so we can check out your style (@campbelltowncity @campbelltownartscentre @fezshaheen #onqcampbelltown).

I am treating this project as an art installation to inspire, educate and build a street culture within the Campbelltown CBD. The key word for this installation is 'STREET'. Yes, the literal meaning of street is a public road in a city, town, or village, typically with houses and buildings on one or both sides (I got that from google). The street I am talking about is the intersection where street art, street dance, skateboarding, street food, parkour, street wear and many other forms meet to bond a city or neighbourhood together. While the term 'Street Culture' can be very broad, the common values are: originality, creativity, diversity, and flexibility.

Don't worry - your eyesight isn't deteriorating, it isn't an illusion, you are in-fact seeing many squares... yes you guessed it - the design of the space is based on a pattern. This pattern is heavily influenced by 'Checkered Mosaic' flooring. In the 15th century, the black and white squares symbolised a person's good days and bad days, with the goal being to have one extra square tipping the balance in favour of the good in our life. Some might refer to this pattern as 'checkered' or 'checker board' but many other names exist.

About the Artist - Feras Shaheen

Feras Shaheens' art practice spans across performance, semiotics, street dance, ready made art and digital media. Feras was born in Dubai to Palestinian parents and moved to Sydney at the age of 11.

Drawing from his Hip Hop dance background as well as Palestinian cultural dance traditions, Feras traverses different roles within the arts, working as a performer, teacher, choreographer and digital artist. He holds a Bachelor in Design from Western Sydney University, and in addition to his artistic practice, works as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and film maker.

Feras' interests and talents span multiple creative areas. What enables him to excel in these divergent fields are his problem solving, creative thinking, and visual communication skills. Working at the fulcrum of beauty and culture, Feras strives for logic rather than decoration, creating meaningful experiences for all involved.

Feras is also a member of Marrugeku, Encounter, Buggy Bumpers Crew, Groove Therapy Agency, Cultural Renegades and Klappsquad.

Feras has won multiple awards for his work including: ADOBE Project 1324 Make Moves Competition (Film & Animation), FILM IT AND SHOW IT Short Film Festival (Film), Australian Design Biennale Student Awards (Design Identity)

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Commissioned by Campbelltown City Council, 2021.
With special thanks to Paduano Investments.
Funded by NSW Government Streets as Shared Spaces.