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Planning for Success

Re-Imagine Campbelltown presentation

Council is committed to sustainably planning for the future of Campbelltown. We do this by working directly with the community to understand its vision for the city and its people. That vision is then documented in a set of strategic plans that inform and guide the decisions made on behalf of the community.

Council ensures its strategic plans are developed in accordance with the NSW local government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. 

Our Plans

Ten year plan – The Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan sets out the ten year vision for Campbelltown. It is developed following an extensive community engagement process to ensure it accurately captures the goals and aspirations of the people of Campbelltown. The plan contains a clear set of objectives that Council will be held accountable to through ongoing reporting and community feedback. The Community Strategic Plan is the driving force behind every decision that Council makes on behalf of the community and is used by Council to develop more detailed strategies and plans for delivery of projects and services.

The current Community Strategic Plan(22MB, PDF), Campbelltown 2027 , covers the period 2017-2027 and is focused on four key outcomes for the future of the city and its people.

A vibrant, liveable city

Goal 1: Our community is able to celebrate its diversity, make a contribution to, and enjoy the lifestyle opportunities offered by our city. Our city is a place where people want to live – it is creative, innovative, vibrant and resilient. It is a city that is designed for people, with easy access to high quality housing, services, amenities and open space. It is a community where people feel safe, socially connected and included. We celebrate our rich heritage and diversity, and respect our strong ties to Aboriginal culture. Our people enjoy the lifestyle offered by the city – a city which is a destination of choice.

A respected and protected natural environment

Goal 2: Our people embrace the city’s natural surrounds and see it as a unique point of difference. We work together to ensure development in the LGA is approached in a sustainable manner, and that our natural assets, bushlands and waterways are treated with respect. Our community is engaged and educated on the benefits of managing and accessing open space. We protect biodiversity conservation, our visual landscape and our heritage values, and recognise the importance of creating a sustainable and resilient city for future generations.

A thriving, attractive city

Goal 3: We are a city that encourages and supports the development of the local economy through business innovation and growth. Our city attracts professional organisations which provide a range of employment opportunities for our people. We are a destination which makes the most of our city’s natural and man-made assets to build on the experience that is Campbelltown. Our people are engaged in ongoing conversations about matters which affect our city, to ensure Council activities align with its strategic direction and the city’s assets are managed strategically and sensitively. We embrace change and look to support the creation of new economies to build the resilience of the city.

A successful city

Goal 4: We are a modern, forward thinking, connected city. We have built on our history and character, and shaped a city which transforms in line with its community and its needs. Our people value a balance between the built form and open space, and are kept informed of infrastructure delivery, including better health and education infrastructure and services. Our city and our people are connected through strategic road networks, transport systems and pedestrian facilities. Council strategies are developed in line with the draft South West District Plan and complement State Government plans for the city. Our city is reinvigorated – it is a city where people choose to be.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

Campbelltown City Council’s has a new look Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2020-2021(6MB, PDF). Now presented as a combined plan, Council has been working for the past year to update its Integrated Planning and Reporting documents to streamline the content, refine our strategic direction and improve communication with our stakeholders. The adopted Delivery Program 2017-2021and its activities have been realigned under a new Service Framework along with the Operational Plan. Council remains committed to delivering these initiatives and is utilising a new design to improve accountability, strategic direction and communications. The Delivery Program 2017-2021 and Operational Plan 2020-2021(6MB, PDF) also includes information about the budget, finances and Fees and Charges(3MB, PDF) of Council.

Council will let the community know how well it is performing against the Delivery Program and Operational Plan through Progress Reports every six months and an End of Term Report when the Councillors reach the end of their four year term in office.

Council will report back to the community on the achievement of the Operational Plan’s actions in the Annual Report.

Supporting Plans

Council collaborates with the community to develop supporting strategies and plans on a wide range of services and issues. Some examples include the disability inclusion action plan, environment plans, sport and recreation plans, tourism plans, and city improvement and development plans.

Connect with us and stay up-to-date on draft strategies and plans and provide your feedback through our webpage, Over to You. Existing documents can be located by using the website search function or viewing a complete list of council documents.

You can see planned improvements for your neighbourhood or those that have been recently completed through our interactive map, Discover Your Area.

Resourcing our Plans

Council has developed a comprehensive resourcing strategy to ensure that it can sustainably implement the initiatives and actions outlined in the strategic planning documents.

Updating our Plans

Council accepts feedback from the community at any time. Our strategic plans are updated prior to the current version expiring or when significant changes need to be made during the term of the document. When a plan has been updated it will be presented to the community during a public exhibition for formal feedback. Stay up-to-date by following us on Social Media and subscribing to our eNewsletters.

Archived Plans

Archived plans from the integrated planning and reporting framework are available to the community.

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