Biodiversity in Campbelltown

Image taken by Jessica Davies as part of the Macarthur Nature Photography Competition

Campbelltown is lucky to be home to a wide variety of unique plants and animals. In fact, many of the species that are considered threatened in New South Wales make their homes in our local environment.

The rich mixture of species that makes up our local ecosystems is called biodiversity.

Biodiversity is important for maintaining a healthy environment, not only for the plants and animals that live within it, but also for the humans that share it with them. After all, biodiversity is what fuels many of the processes we rely on, like those that clean the air, filter the water and nurture the soils.

Protecting Campbelltown’s unique biodiversity

We are currently working to develop a strategy to protect Campbelltown’s unique biodiversity for future Campbelltown generations to enjoy. Once completed it will be made available for your review here.

Want to know more about our locally threatened species?

Threatened Species Art Competition

Each year to coincide with Biodiversity Month in September and Threatened Species Day on the 7 September, Campbelltown City Council along with Camden Council and Wollondilly Shire Council run the Threatened Species Art Competition.

The Threatened Species Art Competition encourages young people aged 5-12 to learn about a locally threatened species and create an artwork of this species. This artwork then becomes a travelling art exhibition shown throughout the community, raising awareness of the plants and animals that live in our surrounding bushland that need our help so they will not disappear forever.

There are great eco prizes up for grabs each year for the best artworks and primary schools can get involved as well.

Find out more about this competition and how you can be involved.