Campbelltown Green Army Project

What is the Green Army?

The Green Army Program closed on 30& June 2018 and engaged over 11,000 young participants in 1,000 local environmental projects in Australia during its operation. The Federal Government environmental grant program aimed at engaging participants between the ages of 17 and 24 to undertake environmental works to improve the local environment across Australia. The participants learnt a range of skills relating to environmental management whilst also obtaining professional qualifications.

Smiths Creek Reserve
Shale Sandstone Transition Forest found within Smiths Creek Reserve.

About the Project

Council successfully delivered grant funding from the Australian Government to establish Green Army Team's in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia. The teams of 10 participants completed works over a 26 week period and focused on improving and protecting biodiversity within key threatened ecological communities at various sites in the Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA) including Smiths Creek Reserve, Cook Park, Fishers Ghost Creek and Varroville Reserve.

The team completed a range of on ground works controlling noxious and environmental weeds, collecting rubbish and carrying out re-vegetation activities to supplement weed removal along whilst also gaining skills relating to water quality monitoring and nursery propagation.

For further information regarding the Council's Environmental Programs, contact the Natural Areas Team on 02 4645 4601.