Forum Q brings urban culture and dance to the Campbelltown CBD

Published on 08 December 2021

Street culture will take centre stage in the heart of the Campbelltown CBD following the launch of Forum Q.

The dynamic installation is a new and unique attraction on Lithgow Street that features a dance floor, reflective surfaces, seating and a stunning art mural as its centrepiece.

Forum Q is a collaboration between Campbelltown Arts Centre and local designer, dancer and all-round creative Feras Shaheen. He conceptualised the space as a hybrid art form between public art installation and recreation space for the community.

It is a space for people to gather, train, and create across multiple art forms including street art, street dance, urban photography, videography, street food, parkour, klapping, football freestyle, street wear more.

“Over the next few months, Forum Q will be a space that celebrates arts, culture and young people in Campbelltown,” General Manager Lindy Deitz said.

“This will be a place for people to gather and do their own thing or engage in a range of unique workshops that will be a completely new experience in the Campbelltown CBD area,” Ms Deitz said.

“Our Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan identified the need for new and exciting activations, particularly in the Queen Street area, and projects like Forum Q are a unique example of that,” she said.

Forum Q will be complimented by a range of dynamic online and onsite activations designed to inspire and educate.

Shaheen will host a range of workshops and events at Forum Q over the summer, bringing street culture to the main street and engaging young people with his unique blend of movement.

"All creatives need to play, no matter how old or young you are. We just need space, a space to meet, to be inspired, to experiment, and to create - my lounge room is too small to do that sometimes,” Shaheen said.

“Forum Q is a place to meet and bond our city together, build street culture and reimagine Campbelltown,” he said.

Forum Q is part of the On Q project and funded by the NSW Government through the Streets as Shared Spaces grants.

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