Simmos Beach

Take in the stunning bushland scenery on Simmos Beach

Simmos Beach in the Georges River Corridor has been a local favourite for generations and makes for a perfect day out. It features a variety of recreational facilities set amongst pristine bushland.

Simmos Beach Reserve lies on the Georges River and boasts both beautiful bushland and a range of facilities for our visitors.

  • These include trails, a BBQ and picnic areas, a children's playground and a kayak ramp.
  • Next to the main car park scenic views of the Georges River can be enjoyed from a timber deck above the beach.
  • Adjacent to the deck is a stairwell that allows easy access to Simmos Beach itself. Here you can sit on the white sand and enjoy the natural beauty of our river and bushland.

Walking trails

Explore the reserve along a network of upgraded walking trails which are tailored for different ages and fitness levels. Our walking trails range from a river-side Watergum walk to Simmo's Track which does a loop through the whole reserve.

The bush is an amazing place to escape and explore. Keep yourself and our wildlife safe by being prepared.

The Simmos Track - Circuit 3.9km - 1hr 40min

Grade 3 - Bushwalking experience recommended, long length formed track with some steps and steep inclines

Explore all corners of Simmos Beach taking in the Georges River and the diverse sandstone vegetation along the ridgetop.

You'll see the reserve in all of its glory and might even see a Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)

North River Trail: Circuit 2.5km - 1hr

Grade 2 - Suitable for families, medium length formed track with some steps and short inclines.

Follow the pristine banks downstream along the Georges River taking in the beauty of the large natural sandstone cliffs and untouched vegetation and keep your eyes peeled for Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) in the river.

Watergum Walk: Circuit 0.8km - 30min

Grade 2 - Suitable for families with young children, short length formed track with some steps and short inclines.

Take a short stroll through the natural archways of the Watergum (Tristaniopsis laurina) and up the stairs through rapidly changing river to ridgetop native vegetation.

South River Trail: Circuit 2.6km - 1hr 10min

Grade 3 - Bushwalking experience recommended, medium length formed track with some steps and steep inclines.

Head upstream through the Grey Myrtles (Backhousia myrtifolia) and enjoy the mirrored reflections of the large Grey Gum (Eucalyptus punctata) trees across the Georges River – you might even see a Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor).

Quarry Walk: Circuit 1.2km - 30min

Grade 2 – Suitable for families with young children, short length concrete path with minor elevation.

Follow the easy grade concrete path as it winds its way through the untouched sandstone vegetation to the site of the old Simmos Beach sandstone quarry that was restored to recreational parkland in 1970.

Habitats to explore

The reserve is home to a number of vegetation communities, ranging from Shale-Sandstone Transition Forest and Coastal Sandstone Ridgetop Forest on the ridge to Hinterland Sandstone Gully Forest in the valley. The variety of habitats present support a wide range of flora and fauna, including a number of threatened species.

Spring - The Breeding season! Listen for the grunting mating calls of male koalas and the songs of breeding bush-birds. Walk the bushland trails to enjoy the beautiful displays of spring wildflowers

Summer - Sydney red gums shed their bark and turn a beautiful sandstone orange, insect activity is at its peak with cicadas emerging from the earth en-masse to mate and create a wall of sound

Autumn - Grey gums shed their bark with their trunks turning beautiful abstract shades of orange, grey and cream. Honeyeaters migrate along the Georges River, part of the great autumn migration of bush-birds heading north from the southern states and mountains to spend the winter on the mild coasts of NSW

Winter - The low sun and morning river-mists make winter a perfect time for photography and the cool winter days are the perfect time for a long, brisk bushwalk!


The reserve is part of the Upper Georges River corridor and sits at the gateway of the sandstone dominated areas of the Woronora Plateau. Here the river has cut into the sandstone to create a tight valley with steep bush covered sides, small beaches and upstream many spectacular rock outcrops.

Fauna and Flora

The reserves mix of different vegetation communities and habitat features, such as old tree hollows and rock ledges, support a wide range of fauna and flora.

Notable species to look out for in the reserve include:

  • Koala
  • Little lorikeet
  • Rock warbler
  • Lace monitor
  • Persoonia nutans (Nodding Geebung)
  • Hibbertia puberula
  • Grevillea parviflora subsp parviflora (Small-flower Grevillea)
  • Acacia pubescens (Downy Wattle)

Join our bushcare group

Council has a regular volunteer bushcare group which is located at Simmos Beach. This bushcare group helps improve the natural environment through activities such as weed management, litter removal and tree planting. If you would like to know more check out Simmos Bushcare.

Additional Features

  • Always keep dogs on-leash in bushland areas to protect these environments and to keep our koalas safe
  • Campbelltown City has a number of dog leash free areas open seven days per week during daylight hours.


Situated on traditional Dharawal lands and the banks of the pristine upper Georges River, the reserve is rich in biodiversity and home to threatened ecological communities as well as many threatened plants and animals, all of which are protected under both state and federal legislation.

The reserve was officially opened in 1986 by Campbelltown City Council with a strong aim to conserve and improve its natural beauty, whilst providing a key recreational asset to the Campbelltown community. Since its opening, ongoing improvements have been made including the installation of picnic and playground facilities, a sandy beach, the creation of the quarry dam and a network of popular walking trails.

The name Simmos Beach, originates from a local larrikin and sandstone miner, Bob “Simmo” Simmonds, who occupied the reserve during the mid-1900’s prior to it being preserved as a conservation and recreation reserve.

Simmos Beach Reserve is one of Campbelltown’s highest valued assets, striking the perfect balance between conservation and recreation.


There are several parking bays off the main road into the reserve.


Bus stops are a 15 minute walk away on Evelyn St.


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