Animal Care Facility

ACF Building

Providing facilities to receive impounded and surrendered animals and promoting microchipping, registration and desexing of companion animals.

Visiting our facility

Our Animal Care Facility office is open Monday to Saturday 10 am to 4 pm:

  • Animal related paperwork and payments
  • Accepting of stray animals
  • Reclaiming a lost pet.

Animal viewings are available Monday to Friday 1 pm to 3:30 pm and Saturday 11 am to 3:30 pm.

Ready to adopt? Complete an expression of interest form on your selected animal’s profile and schedule in a time for a meet and greet with staff.  

Our primary role in animal control

  • Providing facilities to receive impounded and surrendered animals.
  • Promoting micro-chipping, registration and desexing of companion animals.

Want to report a dog attack, barking dog or lost/stray/roaming dog?

Find out more on how to report a barking dogdog attack or lost/stray/roaming dog.

Services available to the public

Looking for a pet

If you're considering a new pet, be sure to visit our animals for adoption page to check out the animals that are available for purchase from our Animal Care Facility.

Animal Cost to adopt
Puppies $450 ($350 for pensioners)
Dogs (over 4 months) $400 ($350 for pensioners)
Kittens $250 ($169 for pensioners)
Cats (over 4 months) $200 ($169 for pensioners)

What does the price of the pet include?

  • The price for dogs under 4 months includes C3 vaccination, health check, desexing, micro-chipping, and registration.
  • The price for dogs over 4 months includes C3 vaccination, health check, desexing, heartworm testing, micro-chipping, and registration.
  • The price for cats includes F3 vaccination, health check, desexing, micro-chipping, and registration.


Dogs and cats are booked into Council's contracted vet for the animal to be desexed. We will transport your new pet to our vet for desexing in the morning. As the new owner, you will then be required to collect the animal from the vet in the afternoon.

Purchasing a dog or cat requires careful consideration

There are many costs and responsibilities to consider before owning a dog or a cat, including micro-chipping and registration costs, maintaining animal health (worming, vaccination, regular exercise), providing secure and comfortable housing, and caring for your pet responsibly so it does not become a nuisance to neighbours.

What happens after I have selected a pet?

Before adopting a new pet you may be asked to complete an expression of interest form, this can be done online by submitting an expression of interest form through the animal's adoption profile.

The expression of interest form is designed to help staff to get to know potential adopters better and help make sure that the animal the you are interested in would be a suitable fit for your family.

The forms ask you a number of questions about your lifestyles as well as your expectations for your potential new pet.

You can find the option to submit an expression of interest form for the animal you are interested in on their adoption profile*

Animal's adoption profiles are located on our Animals for Adoption page.

Please contact us on 02 4645 4790 for more information about the expression of interest forms.

*Please note we only take a limited number of expressions of interest at any given time on animals who are ready for adoption to book meet & greet appointments for suitable adoptees.

Please see Looking for a pet? to find more information regarding the adoption process at Campbelltown Animal Care Facility.

Have you lost your pet?

Browse our list of lost animals to see if your loved one has been handed in to us.

We attempt to contact pet owners as soon as possible however if an animal doesn't have collars or tags, or have their microchip details up to date, this can make contact difficult and sometimes lengthy.

Find out more about dog and cat registration and identification of pets.

Surrendering your pet

Before surrendering your animal to the Animal Care Facility, please see the following information as we will request that you attempt to rehome the animal yourself, before bringing it to the Animal Care Facility as a last resort.

See our tips for safely rehoming your animal(PDF, 101KB) as well as rescue groups you may be able to contact. Please look through this information thoroughly and attempt everything you can to rehome your animal. Once you have exhausted all these possibilities, please contact the Animal Care Facility on 02 4645 4790 as our ability to take surrenders will depend on our capacity at any given time.

If you are surrendering your animal, please ensure you bring the following information with you, as the animal will not be accepted without these documents:

  • Proof of up to date vaccinations (vaccination certificates and vet receipts)
  • Certificate of Identification or Certificate of Registration
  • Any other paperwork you may have relating to the animal.

Please note when you attend the facility, our staff will confirm details regarding the history of the animal, it's personality and an initial behaviour assessment will be performed. You as the owner, will then be required to complete some paperwork and pay the applicable fee (See Council's fees and charges for details).

Please contact us on 02 4645 4790 for further details and to confirm we have room in the facility to accept your surrendered animal.

Community donations

Thanks to the generosity of our community, our animal shelter is fully stocked with donations, and we are currently not accepting community donations. Visitors coming into the shelter are welcomed to bring in unopened treats for the cats and dogs but are encouraged to take other donations to other rescue organisations and shelters at this time.

Our Animal Care Facility staff can accept public donations made, in the interests of assisting with the comfort and well-being of impounded animals.

Items you can donate:

  • Dog coats
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Towels
  • Canned food
  • Newspapers (un-shredded)
  • Dog and cat toys

We can't accept these items:

  • Fresh or cooked food (as it can't be stored)
  • Doonas/Doona covers
  • Pillows/Pillow cases
  • Sheets
  • Clothes and shoes


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