Temporary food businesses

Temporary food businesses such as food stalls and food vehicles trading at events within the Campbelltown LGA, must obtain approval. An application to conduct a temporary food stall must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to trade.

All temporary food stalls, including non for profit and charitable food stalls, must comply with Council's "Requirements for the Operation of One Day Food Stalls", the NSW Food Authority's "Food Handling Guidelines for Temporary Events" and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Our Environmental Health Officers carry out random inspections of temporary food stalls to ensure compliance with the food safety laws and regulations. A fee for the inspection may apply and will be charged in accordance with Council's Fees and Charges.

You can not prepare food from a residential kitchen unless it has development approval to permit this use and is a registered food premise. For more information please see home based food businesses.

Provisions for non-for-profit and charitable temporary food stalls operating from Commercial Premises.

An annual license may be applied for by large retail centres proposing to host not-for-profit and charitable temporary food stalls on a regular basis. Not-for-profit and charitable organisations operating at these premises need not apply for individual approval to Council when an annual license has been obtained. Please contact the commercial premises for further information.

Food labelling

If you are selling pre-packaged food, you must ensure the food is labelled in accordance with the Food Standards Code and is being supplied by a registered premises.