Two foxes wandering through bushland in the night

Foxes are a major threat in the survival of our small native animals. There are also frequent reports of foxes hunting poultry from residential and rural areas.

Foxes have contributed to the decline and extinction of a number of native animals in Australia and the cost to managers of livestock is estimated at $227 million annually.

What fox control programs are in place in Campbelltown City?

In mid 2016, Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GSLLS) in partnership with the Barragal Landcare Group, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Camden, Wollondilly and Campbelltown Councils established the Menangle Fox Control Group under the National Landcare Funding Program.

  • The Menangle Fox Control Project (MFCP) area extends from Gilead in the east to Razorback mountain and Camden in the south and west with the Nepean River the border to the north.
  • The project focuses on a range of workshops and training events to educate land owners and managers on best practice methods to reduce fox numbers in the area using a combination of control measures with the aim to reduce fox numbers across the three local government areas.

Following on from the success of the project, the partnership has secured additional funding from the NSW Environmental Trust to grow the program in four locations.

  • As part of this new grant, a meeting was held on 5 March 2019 to introduce Wedderburn residents to the program.
  • Activities such as school education workshops and installing infrared motion sensor cameras to monitor fox movements are currently being planned.

More information

Visit the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment website for best practice guidelines on fox control for the conservation of biodiversity.