Help us keep Campbelltown clean

At any given time in Campbelltown, there are a number of staff ‘doing the rounds’ to clean and tidy up our city.

Illegal dumping audit

Campbelltown City Council is conducting an illegal dumping audit for a 6 week period from Monday 27 June to Friday 5 August 2022. This project is being undertaken by a company engaged by Council to gather data to help understand the nature of illegal dumping in our LGA.

The audit involves the team measuring and categorising the materials in the illegally dumped waste. Locations of the waste will vary and may include some bulky kerbside collections.

The auditing team will not be removing any items or cleaning up the illegally dumped waste. These illegal dumping incidents have been reported to our Council Rangers and are in the process of being dealt with.

The results of this work will be used to develop an Illegal Dumping Strategy for our LGA and guide our actions into the future to manage illegally dumped waste.

Illegal dumping and loose litter

We collect illegally dumped rubbish and loose litter five days a week.

If you see any rubbish or loose litter on the side of the road or want to dob in a dumper, please:

To help us catch people who make our streets untidy, provide us with details of where and when the dumping occurred, a vehicle registration and a description of the vehicle or offender, so our Rangers can investigate the incident. Don’t touch or remove the rubbish – you may put yourself in danger or destroy valuable evidence.

For illegal dumping requests, we will check if it’s booked in for a clean up - and if it’s not, we can take action to have it removed.

Street sweeping

We have a crew of street sweepers who regularly sweep our roads, car parks and median strips to keep our city litter free.

For any URGENT issues related to safety or hazardous/dangerous issues:

How else can I get involved?

We have an active Bushcare group that meets in several locations around the Campbelltown Local Government Area to carry out bush regeneration.

We also run Catchment Care Days in different locations throughout the year, and we provide support to Clean Up Australia Day activities.