Unhealthy Premises Including Vermin

All property owners are responsible for ensuring residential premises are maintained in a safe and healthy condition by ensuring:

  • Your residential property is free of overgrown vegetation that may provide harbourage for vermin
  • No accumulation of waste, unsightly materials or objects and
  • Swimming pools are maintained to a healthy standard (regularly cleaned and maintained)

We regulate unhealthy, unsightly or overgrown conditions on private property under the Local Government Act 1993.

Overgrown Premises

Overgrown premises are premises where grass, weeds and other vegetation has become long or thick enough to provide a harbourage for vermin such as rats or mice.

Unhealthy and Unsightly Premises

Premises that are unhealthy or unsightly occur when the front or rear yard contains objects or materials such as old white goods, household rubbish, broken car bodies and disused car parts, building materials and other household waste.

Unhealthy and unsightly premises can provide harbourage for vermin, result in odour or health nuisances and affect the amenity of the neighbourhood.


Take the following steps to prevent vermin and keep your premises in a satisfactory condition:

  • Regularly cut or slash your lawn and other vegetation on the property (excluding trees)
  • Store any goods out of sight in your garage or shed
  • Dispose of household waste weekly and utilise Council's Kerbside Clean Up Service
  • Do not keep or store wrecked cars, machinery or white goods in yard areas on the premises (recycle or legally dispose of these items).

What can we do?

Our Environmental Health Officers may undertake an inspection of the property to determine if it is overgrown, unhealthy or unsightly. Officers are able to issue Notices and Orders under the Local Government Act 1993 to have the premises returned to a safe and healthy condition.

To report an unhealthy, overgrown or unsightly premise please contact our Customer Service team on 02 4645 4000.