Emily Cottage

Hosted by Local Studies Librarian, Andrew Allen, this video looks at the history of Emily Cottage in Campbelltown.

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EMILY COTTAGE from Campbelltown City Council on Vimeo.

Emily Cottage 1823 - 1827

Built between 1823 and 1827, Emily Cottage is a small stone building on the corner of Camden, Old Menangle and Art Gallery Roads, in Campbelltown. It has been suggested that the cottage was designed for use as a tollhouse, due to its simple layout and location, however there is no evidence to support this.

The cottage has had may uses over the years, being used as a place of residence, an Arts and Crafts shop, a picture framing business and tea rooms.

A bad fire tore through the cottage in the 1880s, it was repaired but traces of the fire can still be seen on the large roof beams.

Mary Ann Denmead was killed at Emily Cottage when she was struck by lightning in 1883, she was in her bedroom when the lightning came through the window and struck the iron frame of her bed. Some claim that the ghosts of Mary and her sister Emily haunt the cottage.