History of Englorie Park

The small suburb of Englorie Park is a relatively new one, having only been gazetted in the Government Gazette of 17 March 2000.

It is named for the historic Victorian home Englorie Park(PDF, 173KB), which still stands today overlooking the city of Campbelltown, Ambarvale to the east and Glen Alpine to the west.

The land straddles two early land grants, in the names of William Eggleton, and David Nowland. It became a tenant farm belonging to Samuel Terry, a merchant landowner who became known as the “Botany Bay Rothschild”!

The property stayed in the Terry family after Samuel Terry’s death in 1838, via his grandson Samuel Terry Hughes, then to his stepdaughter Esther Hughes and then to William Nunn Pattrick, grandson of Esther Hughes. Pattrick then sold it to Alfred Leath Park in 1879.

Park built himself a beautiful new home which was named Parkholme in 1880.

Mr Park kept on his property fine pedigree Ayrshire cows, some good horses and prize geese, ducks and fowls. However it was Mr Park’s greyhounds that were very special animals and numbered about forty. About 70 acres of land was planted with oats and nearer to the house were fruit trees and ornamental trees.

Park sold the property in around 1892, and it eventually was purchased by Henry Vaughan, who would become Mayor of Campbelltown.

After his death, the property was sold to Frederick Merewether in 1902, whose brother would later build Raith(PDF, 198KB), a historic home in Bradbury.

In 1913, the property again changed hands, this time to Mr Charles Burcher. Burcher was born in Liverpool, and went on to own Euglo Station at Condobolin. He renamed Parkholme “Euglorie Park”. The name was frequently misspelled as Englorie Park, which eventually stuck.

Euglorie Park, Parkholme Circuit, Englorie Park

Euglorie Park, AKA Englorie Park, AKA Parkholme!

The property exchanged hands a few times after the death of Charles Burcher, becoming a successful Jersey stud owned and run by Allen Korff, followed by Stephen Guinery, but was eventually developed for housing, a small portion of which is the suburb known as Englorie Park.

The main road in Englorie Park – Parkholme Circuit – honours the original name of the property built and named by Alfred Leath Park. The reserve near it is called Eggleton Reserve, a great family park with lots of open space.

Today Englorie Park House is home to a child care centre which has been in operation since 1995.


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