Scientific research into Campbelltown's koala populations

Dr Rob Close and Angela Taylor at Riverside Drive, Airds.
Dr Rob Close and Angela Taylor at Riverside Drive, Airds. Photo courtesy of Andy Attewell

During the period between 1989 and 2016, Professor Robert Close and many other researchers, students and community members completed a range of research projects focused on Campbelltown’s koala population.

This data formed the creation of the Campbelltown Koala Research and Database 1989 - 2016 that covers the results of his extensive research program. The most exciting thing that Dr Close found was a chlamydia free and expanding colony, with individual koalas that lived to more than 17 years of age.

National Geographic: Catching a koala

Dr Close’s work and his publications have provided a huge contribution to environmental conservation in our Local Government Area (LGA).

The research has helped us understand:

  • the overall health of our koalas
  • where they live and their habitat
  • their longevity and reproduction rates
  • their preferred food and shelter tree species
  • dispersal pathways and established home ranges.

The 27 years of data recorded is accessible to the public and copies of the database and relevant source materials are available: