Restoration works begin at Flying Fox Camps

Published on 26 June 2024

Major restoration works have started at Farrow Road, Campbelltown and Redfern Creek in Bingara Reserve, Macquarie Fields to improve bushland and vegetation in the area as part of Council’s Grey Headed Flying Fox Camp Management Plan.

The works will see bushland restored to improve habitat for critically endangered Grey Headed Flying Foxes living at the Farrow Road site and in Redfern Creek, while helping to reduce any impacts on residents living near the colony.

The Grey Headed Flying Fox is vital to the health and regeneration of bushland across Campbelltown due to its effectiveness as a pollinator. Because of its importance and status as a critically endangered species, it is protected under NSW and Federal Government legislation.

“These environmental works represent one of Council’s most significant investments in our local environment, ensuring that the flying foxes are protected while enhancing and beautifying an important urban bushland corridor,” Mayor Dr George Greiss said.

“It will also ensure residents in the area are able to enjoy the bushland area as it is regenerated over the coming years as part of the ongoing restoration plan for Redfern Creek,” Dr Greiss said.

The project at Bingara Reserve will include erosion control along the Redfern Creek line, weed removal and tree planting. Strict controls are in place to protect the Grey Headed Flying Fox colony while the works take place.

The works are being assisted by Greening Australia.

This project is part of the Flying-fox Habitat Restoration Program assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust in association with Local Government NSW.

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