Campbelltown Uncovered

Campbelltown uncovered presents a picture of what Campbelltown looked like in bygone years
Known as 'Queen Street Conservative Area' located opposite Campbelltown Mall these townhouses where part of the Bradbury Park subdivision and all where built in the late 1840’s.

Ever wondered what Queen Street in Campbelltown once looked like?

We have brought the past to life, revealing the old as it was before the new. Join us for a journey through time and experience the life of wonderful buildings which once proudly stood before today's streetscape.

Want to explore more history?

Find out how we celebrated 200 Years of Campbelltown in 2020, discover well kept secrets only in Campbelltown, or hear from the voices of Campbelltown about our bygone years and more.

Image reference:
Image of Queen Street Conservation Area(PDF, 413KB) is the part of Queen Street which was closed in the mid-1980's, to create a leafy Queen Street Mall near these famed cluster of 1840's heritage buildings that includes: McGuanne house (No. 284), The Old Railway Hotel (No. 288), William Bursill's Shop (No. 292) and The Coaching House (No. 298).