Garden organics bin

Gardner emptying lawn clippings into organic bin

Your garden organics bin has a green lid and is emptied every second week (on the opposite week to your recycling bin).

If you’re unsure which week your garden organics bin is emptied, use our waste collection day search tool to check.

Or download the My Waste Bin app, and you can also set a bin reminder, check what goes in each of your bins, and access a range of waste information at the touch of a button.

Make sure your bins get emptied every time by putting the right things in your bins and following these tips.

What goes in your garden organics bin

Items you can include: Don't include these items:
yes Garden prunings no Animal droppings
yes icon Grass clippings no Food, fruit and vegetable waste
yes Flowers no Garden tools or plant pots
yes Leaves and bark no Nappies
yes Small branches no Needles
yes icon Weeds no Plastic bags
no Soil, stones, bricks or concrete
no Stumps, large branches or treated timber

I don't have a lime green lid on any of my bins

Some of our older organics bins have a dark green lid, the same as the body.

If you have our older bins the best way to know which one is your organics it to check the size:

  • The organics bin is a 240L bin, the same size as your yellow lid recycling bin.
  • Both your recycling (yellow lid) and garden organics (lime green or dark green lid) are bigger than your general waste bin.

green bins

Use your garden organics bin properly

Did you know that when you place your garden prunings, grass clippings, flowers, leaves and bark, small branches and weeds into your green lidded bin it goes to a local organics facility where it is made into compost?

  • The compost is then sold for use on farms and in gardens again.
  • This service forms part of what is called a circular economy, where the organics are composted and returned back to the farm or garden, providing vital nutrients for the plants to re-use and support their growth.
  • This process removes the need for chemical based fertilisers and removes our garden organics from landfill.

Putting the wrong things in your garden organics bin (contamination) causes valuable garden organics to be sent to landfill instead, where it breaks down and creates methane.

That's why it's so important to bin it properly - it makes a wheelie big difference.

Garden Organics removal and processing  

What if my bin is missed or damaged?

To reduce the risk of your bins being stolen or damaged, please put your bins out no earlier than the day before your collection day, and bring them back in as soon as you can after they’ve been emptied.