Acknowledgement of Country


As a reflection of Campbelltown City’s recognition of the deep ongoing history and culture of this land:

We honour and respect our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Custodians, Elders and communities and the spirit that binds us in our dreams and aspirations on Dharawal country. 

We acknowledge the beauty, sincerity and resilience as we move forward in peace and reconciliation, with respect to our land, our place and each other.

Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country, also known as the Traditional Welcome, allows the traditional custodians of the region to give their blessing for the event to take place on their land.

In this ‘We are Campbelltown’ video, Elder Aunty Glenda Chalker shares the significance of the local land and gives a Welcome to Country address to acknowledge the First People of Australia with the backdrop of our beautiful local Dharawal National Park.

Welcome to Country from Campbelltown City Council on Vimeo.

We acknowledge the strength and welcoming spirit of the Campbelltown Aboriginal community.