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Road Opening Permits

Works within the road reserve may include activities like erecting a structure, removing or interfering with a structure, connecting or accessing a public utility service such as electricity, gas, telecommunications or storm water, or any other activities as defined within the Road Act 1993. 

If a road opening is required on a state road, please contact the Roads and Maritime Services on 132 213 for a permit.

What are the permit conditions?

Dial Before You Dig

To avoid damage to underground services and drains, a Dial Before You Dig report needs to be supplied when you lodge your application with us. This free service can be obtained online or by calling 1100.

Safety and Traffic Control

The permit holder is responsible for public safety and must comply to Australian Standard legislation in relation to Safety and Traffic Control.

Silt Control Devices

Silt Control devices must be installed to prevent contamination of our stormwater systems.

For more information contact:

Backfill Openings

All openings need to be backfilled to Council specification related to the type of asset affected.

How to apply for a permit

  • Obtain a Dial Before You Dig report, site safety and traffic control plans - these will need to be supplied with your application.
  • Submit your application at least 48 hours prior to your intended works
  • Associated costs apply for this permit - please refer to our Fees and Charges

Apply online for a PERMIT 

What happens next

  • Once your application and payment have been received, you will receive a reply email from us.
  • We will contact you with the outcome of your application within 3 business days.
  • Work must not commence until an approval permit has been issued by us.

If there are changes to the works from the original application, you must notify us before commencing any works.

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