How to apply

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For your application to be considered, you must address how you meet the requirements of the job description in your covering letter and provide us with your current resume.

Merit based recruitment

Selection for Campbelltown City Council roles are based on merit. This means we review and compare the information provided by all candidates throughout the recruitment process and select the person whose skills, knowledge, personal qualities and experience best match what we need for a person to be successful in the job.

Throughout our recruitment process we ensure the principles of equal employment opportunity are adhered to and ensure our selection committees reflect a gender balance and include an independent member not from the recruiting.

Before you apply

  • Read the job advertisement carefully - understanding what is written in a job advertisement is the key for you to determine if the job, or even the organisation, is the right fit for you. It is easy to miss critical pieces of information, if you don't understand the language of these advertisements. Campbelltown City Council advertisements are designed around culture, motivation, technical ability and include a brief description of the role, a key contact for further information, details on how to apply and a closing date for applications. Keep a copy of the advertisement for your future reference.
    • Culture - culture is about our DNA; it's who we are. Anywhere in our advertisements that you see a reference to us for example 'we are upbeat, resourceful and determined' or 'our workplace is agile and flexible, keeping ahead of the times', this is referring to our culture. Do your own values align with the values of Campbelltown City Council?
    • Motivation - what is the reason you are applying for this role? What can you bring to this organisation? Think about your skills, attributes and what you have to offer.
    • Technical - do you have the qualifications and skills for the advertised role? Does the advertisement detail a qualification or practical experience in a relevant field or does it specifically ask for a qualification? If the advertisement asks for a specific qualification, this is an essential criterion of the role.
  • Review the Position Description and Position Requirements - the advertisement gives you basic information, but it is important to review the additional documents attached to the advertisement. These documents will help you understand the position and identify what we are looking for in a suitable candidate.
  • Speak to the contact person - after you read the additional documents, you should have a better idea about the role and may have some questions. You can phone or email the key contact named in the advertisement to help find answers. Talking to the key contact may give you a better understanding of the role and what to emphasise in your application. We strongly encourage veterans to make contact with our own veteran, Mark Bransdon, Learning and Development Officer on 02 4645 4930 for assistance with their application.
  • Other information - get as much extra information as you can to write a good application. You may want to look at our website, Annual Report or other publications. Campbelltown City Council is a diverse organisation and this information will help you understand where the position fits into the organisation.

Understanding the role, what is required and whether you have the right skills and experience are important in deciding whether to apply or not.

Preparing your application

You should ensure that you address all requirements stipulated in the advertisement to be considered for an interview.

Campbelltown City Council may require you to provide some additional information, including writing responses to targeted questions to demonstrate your ability to do the role. You may be asked to answer these questions as part of your covering letter or part of your online application. Your answers to these questions need to detail your experience in sentences with examples.

You will typically need to provide us with:

  • Your full name, address, telephone contact numbers and email address.
  • Your Cover Letter outlining your cultural and motivational fit, with a brief summary of your employment history.
  • Your Resume which includes a summary of your employment history and timeline of employment, starting with current employment. It should detail the positions you have held, including dates of employment, capacity in which you were employed and a brief outline of the main duties.
  • Your relevant educational qualifications and professional affiliations. Copies of your qualifications can be attached. Veterans, did you know ADFTCR can assist you with understanding how your military skills and qualifications translate to Local Government?
  • Details of relevant training courses attended.
  • The name and contact numbers of at least two work-related referees. Make sure your referees are aware that you are applying for a position with Council so they are prepared if they are contacted.

Your application should clearly explain how your skills and experiences show that you are the best person for the role. Please be aware that any statement on an application that is found to be deliberately misleading could make you, if employed, liable for dismissal.

Points to remember

Have you:

  • Updated your resume? Veterans, did you know The Defence Force Transition Program runs workshops that will assist you with your Cover Letter and Resume?
  • Addressed how you meet the requirements of the job description within your cover letter?
  • Used spell-check?
  • Identified the position title and position number as stated in the advertisement (if not applying on-line)

If you wish to apply for more than one position at the same time, please complete a separate application for each position.

Once submitting your application, you will receive an acknowledgement letter or email confirming we have received your application.

How to submit your application

Online applications are preferred, via the positions vacant page.

Alternatively, you can

  • Email your application to
  • Mail to:
    The General Manager
    Campbelltown City Council
    PO Box 57
    Campbelltown NSW 2560
  • Hand deliveries are also accepted between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday at:
    Customer Service counter
    Campbelltown City Council Civic Centre
    Corner Queen and Broughton Streets, Campbelltown

Applications must be received by the closing date. Please ensure you clearly identify yourself and your contact details and provide reference to which job you are applying for.

Notification of an interview

If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a member of Council who will notify you of:

  1. The venue, date and time
  2. If there will be a test at the time of the interview
  3. Any additional materials or preparation required by the selection committee, for example samples of work, evidence of qualifications etc.

Preparing for your interview

At the interview, our panel will be seeking to identify your strengths and weaknesses for the role. There are some key elements to understand when preparing for an interview with Council:

  • Our interviews are generally formal in structure and process
  • There will always be an interview panel
  • We use the Situation - Task - Action - Result (STAR) Method when asking interview questions.