Koalas locations in Campbelltown

Photo by Geoff Francis, spotlighting a koala

We use a range of different methods to differentiate the potential locations that koalas may be found.

Primarily koalas are found on the eastern boundary of Campbelltown in the Georges River Corridor and do often venture out into other more urbanised areas.

The majority of our koalas are found within the suburbs of Macquarie Fields, Long Point, Ingleburn, Minto Heights, Kentlyn, Ruse, Leumeah, Airds, Rosemeadow, St Helens Park and Wedderburn.

Koala habitat

Koala habitat describes as the area where a koala lives or traverses. In Campbelltown, koala habitat is recognised as core habitat and potential koala habitat.

Map of koala habitat in Campbelltown

Vegetation mapping

Vegetation is mainly influenced by the soil type, the direction it faces, the proximity to a waterway and the trees that grow in an area.

We have three primary types of vegetation in Campbelltown: the shale, clay based soils of Cumberland Plain Woodland to the west and the shale, sandstone soils of Shale Sandstone Transition Forest to the east and the riparian or alluvial vegetation throughout the area which is known as the River Flat Eucalyptus Forest.

Koala sightings

In Campbelltown, we have a long running history of recorded koala sightings by community, staff and contractors and through the many koala studies that have been completed.

These, combined with vegetation mapping highlights specific koala hotspots throughout Campbelltown, especially around the Georges River corridor along the eastern border.

Map of koala sightings in Campbelltown

Publicly accessible land

You are only able to bushwalk on public land and never on private property. Stay tuned for a map that highlights the publically accessible land across the Campbelltown LGA as well as some of our key reserves.