Wheelie good information about your bin service

The bins provided to each domestic dwelling

The bins provided to each domestic dwelling

How many bins should I have?

Your waste service at home is made up of three bins (pictured above), each bin is for a different type of rubbish:

Your recycling bin and garden organics bin are the same size (240L), and are collected fortnightly (on opposite weeks). Your general waste bin is smaller (140L), and is collected weekly. It's important to know that your general waste bin is the smallest of the three if you have the older style green lids that are the same colour as the base of the bin.

Just built your house and need new bins?

Call Customer Service on 02 4645 4000 to organise new bins. New bins will only be delivered once you have moved in to your property.

What if my bin gets missed?

Report a missed bin service online or call Customer Service on 02 4645 4000 as soon as possible and let us know. If you let us know within 2 days of your collection day, we can usually send a truck back to empty your bin.

Make sure your bins get emptied every time by putting the right things in your bins and follow these tips.

Report a missed bin service

What if my bin is damaged or stolen?

You can use our online service to report a damaged or stolen bin. Or you can call Customer Service on 02 4645 4000 and let us know which bin was damaged or stolen.

For the damaged bin, we will also need to know what the problem is (eg. is the lid missing, wheels broken, bin cracked etc) as this will help our contractor organise replacement bins or parts to address the issue.

Once you have let us know, we can usually fix your bin or deliver a replacement bin to your house free of charge within 2 working days.

To reduce the risk of your bins being stolen or damaged, please put your bins out no earlier than the day before your collection day, and bring them back in as soon as you can after they have been emptied.

Report a damaged bin

Report a stolen bin

Can I get more bins?

You can arrange additional general waste, recycling or garden organics services from us for a fee. The extra bins are charged per bin, per year and the cost is added to the rates for the property.

If you are the property owner, you can contact us on 02 4645 4000 to request extra services. If you are a tenant, you will need to speak with your real estate agent or property owner about arranging the extra services needed.

From 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 an extra bin will cost:

  • General waste - $237.00 per year
  • Recycling - $101.00 per year
  • Garden organics - $131.00 per year

Do I really need another bin?

Before you arrange another bin, it might be helpful to have a look what kind of waste you generate at home and see if you can reduce the amount you’re throwing away.

Are you recycling correctly? Are you throwing out food that could have been eaten? Could you possibly set up a compost bin or think about having some chickens in the backyard? Or maybe you find yourself with packaging that could be avoided when you go shopping – there’s lots of ways you can reduce the amount of waste you generate, which often saves you money as well.

If you have lots of food waste, your could set up a worm farm or compost bin. These systems turn your food scraps into fertiliser for your garden - which is great for the environment and saves you space in your garbage bin.

A compost bin would be also useful if you have lots of garden waste, too. You may find this convenient alternative to getting another garden waste service.

Feel like you need more space in your recycling bin? Don't forget to flatten your cardboard boxes, as you can fit more in this way.

Where can I dispose of extra rubbish?

If you need to dispose of additional rubbish, there are two local waste management facilities available:

Both facilities are privately owned and operated. Not all items can be disposed of at each facility, so it is recommended that you contact each facility to check what they will accept, and what their disposal charges are.