General waste bin

Reb Bin

Your general waste bin has a red lid and is emptied every week.

As a general rule, this bin is for rubbish that can't go in either your recycling or garden organics bins, like food scraps, nappies and plastic bags.

If you’re unsure which day your general waste bin is emptied, use our waste collection day search tool to check.

Or download the My Waste Bin app, and you can also set a bin reminder, check what goes in each of your bins, and access a range of waste information at the touch of a button.

What goes in your general waste bin

Items you can include: Don't include these items:
yes Animal droppings (please place in a plastic bag) no Building materials
yes Food waste and scraps no Chemicals, oil, paint or hazardous waste
yes Nappies no Garden organics
yes Polystyrene no Needles
yes Plastic bags and household garbage no Recyclables
yes Plastic packaging, food wrappers and cling film

My bin is different from my neighbours!

Our older style general waste bins are a different shape, they are taller and narrower. The newer bins are shorter and wider. Some of our general waste bins also still have a dark green lid. While they look a bit different from each other the bins are all 140L, and hold the same amount of rubbish. Over time we are working to ensure all residents have a red lid to make it easier to know which bin is which.

red bins

Why is our general waste bin smaller than the recycling and garden organics bin?

All residents are provided with a 140L general waste (red lid) bin, which is collected weekly. We understand at times this may not be enough space, however on average the bin size is adequate for most people. Most councils across NSW offer this bin size, and in some cases, even smaller as the standard bin for general waste. Find out more if you think you need more bin space.


What if my bin is missed or damaged?

To reduce the risk of your bins being stolen or damaged, please put your bins out no earlier than the day before your collection day, and bring them back in as soon as you can after they’ve been emptied.

Make sure your bins get emptied every time by putting the right things in your bins and following these tips.