Englorie Park House

Hosted by Local Studies Librarian, Andrew Allen, this video looks at the history of the Englorie Park House.

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ONLY IN CAMPBELLTOWN - ENGLORIE PARK HOUSE from Campbelltown City Council on Vimeo.

Englorie Park House 1879

Englorie Park House sits at the centre of the tiny suburb of Englorie Park, in Campbelltown. In about 1879, Alfred Park built a house named "Parkholme", which was described as one of the "prettiest villas in the vicinity of Campbelltown, or indeed the colony". Alfred Park was known for his many greyhounds and his love of coursing.

In 1913, the property was bought by Charles Burcher and he renamed the house "Euglorie Park". This name was misspelt over the years and Englorie Park(PDF, 173KB) eventually became the accepted version.

Today the house serves as a childcare centre.