Have your say on Blue-Green Grid Plan

Published on 09 April 2024

Campbelltown residents have the opportunity to share their ideas and vision for the future of the area’s green spaces and waterways as part of a new Blue-Green Grid Plan being developed for the LGA.

Council is preparing the Blue-Green Grid Plan to improve the planning approach to green spaces (trees, parks) and blue spaces (waterways) in order to better integrate these areas within the urban environment.

Campbelltown residents are being encouraged to complete an online survey that will be used to help develop the Blue-Green Grid Plan.

“One of the great things about living in Campbelltown is the abundance of green spaces and waterways that can be found here,” Mayor Dr George Greiss said.

“As the region continues to grow, it’s important to consider how we can integrate our blue and green spaces within the urban environment so that we can better plan for high quality and easily accessible parks, playgrounds, bushland reserves and swimming areas,” Dr Greiss said.

“Developing this plan will enable us to identify cool, green linkages that can connect major centres  through new cycling and walking paths, improving active transport throughout Campbelltown while also ensuring people are able to enjoy these spaces.”

Complete the survey at: Campbelltown Blue-Green Grid Plan | OverToYou (nsw.gov.au)

Following the community consultation period, a draft Blue-Green Grid Plan will be presented to the community for feedback.

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