Noise Study in our City Centre

Published on 07 March 2024

A small series of noise loggers will be temporarily installed across Campbelltown City Centre. They will be utilised in Queen St, Broughton St, Cordeaux St, Browne St, and Moore-Oxley St.

The noise loggers resemble small microphones and will be attached at high points of streetlight poles.

We are using this technology to understand existing noise sources, noise levels, and the impact of noise on sensitive places like homes, schools and healthcare facilities. This will help Council to consider the potential impacts of noise on development.

These devices are measuring and storing noise level statistics only. There will be no audio files saved to the devices and they will not record voices, only measure levels of noise.

The noise loggers will be installed on Friday 8th March and removed after one week.

For more information about the study please email



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