Keith Longhurst Reserve ('The Basin')

There are plenty of beautiful spots to discover

Keith Longhurst Reserve supports a range of habitats including good stands of endangered Shale Sandstone Transition Forest and Sydney Hinterland Apple-Blackbutt Gully Forest.

Walking trials

There are a number of trails in the reserve - including to the Georges River both down the Old Ford Road and to The Basin. The latter has steep sections near the bottom, but the walker that perseveres is rewarded with wonderful views, a waterfall and the finest natural swimming hole within our Campbelltown reserves!

  • Basin Walking Trail: 1km one way. The path is loose and rocky with an unsealed surface.
  • Old Ford Walking Trail: 1.3km one way. Established sloping track, suited to all fitness levels.

Habitats to explore

This Reserve is home to a wide range of wildlife including rare plants such as nodding geebung (persoonia nutans) and a notable list of animals, including koalas, possums and gliders, goannas, a host of birdlife and impressive tree termite nests.

Additional Features

Join our bushcare group

As a Bushcare volunteer, you will do your bit for the environment while rubbing shoulders with interesting and like-minded people. Bushcare groups participate in activities such as tree planting, erosion control, litter removal, weed management, and of course, wildlife spotting.


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